When Should You Call a Doctor After Experiencing Vaginal Bleeding

Vaginal bleeding is so embarrassing and you should do something about it. I remember when I was bleeding out when having sex. I didn’t wan to tell my boyfriend about it. Didn’t know the right words to say. It was all so strange and happening too fast. My activeness has been present for the past 6 years. Only the 6th year showed me bleeding down there. I think you know what I mean. My doctor told me something. I thought he was lying when he said it. He told me I was overreacting the situation. All of it, was just a mere coincidence from my body. He said I was going to be fine. You might have the same problem and I strongly suggest you don’t worry about it. Here are more reasons to not worry that my doctor told me.

You Can Wear Pads for Post Vaginal Bleeding

Wearing pads while you sleep or go about your day makes since, after you had your first vaginal bleed during sex. Ok, the soreness is gone and you want to go back to having sex. But, it seems you got to deal with your vagina bleeding more then it usually do. Now, would be the time to put on those vaginal pads and prevent blood spread. The smell and the embarrassing moments will go away too. Try the best pads for postpartum bleeding to hold back excessive amounts of bleeding. Ask questions at the store you go to. Call in if you feel to embarrassed to asked. It is a sensitive topic to ask a stranger in a store.

The First Few Heavy Blood Days Are Normal

Despite most woman complaining about vaginal bleeding, it is a normal thing for a woman to experience in life. It is like having periods before you get pregnant. Equip the best pads for postpartum bleeding to cover it up. You are going to be fine and have nothing to worry about. Atleast, for the first few times you experience vaginal bleeding for random reasons. Go take a good drink and relax. You are not going to die. Its ok to panic about this on your first child. You didn’t think your vagina was going to bleed out so much out. I had the same feeling too when I wanted a baby.

When You Should Call a Doctor

The right time to call a doctor would be after 12 weeks. If you stat bleeding after 12 weeks then you need to call a doctor. Nothing to freak out about for the first few weeks after giving birth. Although a few more weeks then 12 weeks, you really need to call your doctor and tell them what’s going on. You only having time to live on this Earth once. Make every moment as long as you can make it. He or she will probably proscribe you with drugs. So, go in there with happy thoughts. Most of the time you take pills or something to fight it right?

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