To Isis on Her First Father’s Day


Dear Isis,
Today is your first Father’s Day. Technically you were with us last Father’s Day, but you were held in my belly, not in my arms. So today I’d like to talk to you about your daddy because I can. The most important thing you need to know is that he loves you so perfectly and so unconditionally. One day you’ll get to see the way his eyes light up when he sees you, but watching it these first few months has been an absolute joy. I hope you find joy knowing that you have brought it to him.
Your dad will teach you so many things throughout your life, whether through words or through actions. I could not have picked a more perfect man to introduce you to the world. He will protect you and affirm you and encourage you every step of your journey. I know from him you will learn courage because he is truly courageous. He will help you learn to live with integrity because he has learned to live with this conviction throughout his life. He will teach you to investigate, to think and to discern. His mind is one of the most attractive things about him. I hope you feel the same.
I believe he will challenge you. He will push you to be your best, but he will also hold you when you are not yet who you need to be. Don’t be afraid to come to him with pain, loss or failure because he has experienced all of these and has still risen to the place of a leader. He will help you see that you can be strong in your broken places. I know he will love and accept you as you are. I cannot even begin to explain to you how sincerely he takes his responsibility as your father. I know that he will be gracious, kind, funny, unique, interesting & encouraging to you. He will model for you the love and life that God has for you. I know that he will daily be on his knees to lift you as high as he can toward the only One who can really provide for all your needs.
I hope that one day you know how blessed you are to have him as a dad. Life is going to get rough and messy and there may be days that you don’t understand our decisions as your parents, but I can promise you now that your dad is praying and preparing for your life. He has been doing so since before we even knew you were here. One day I hope you know and feel how very much we both love you.
Happy First Father’s Day to your daddy!
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