Continuing with the Blog Bash over at Not Your Average Teen, Brittany has asked us to write a post with the theme of “rekindle” to bring back some memories of our high school years. I thought for a while about what I would want to share. I have some really wonderful & some really horrible memories from high school. Don’t we all? But I decided that the most important thing I could share about high school (aside from meeting my husband senior year) is to share with you about my best friend Diana.
(By the way – these pictures are not placed to match the specific events I’m talking about necessarily. I just picked out best pics! They are in chronological order, though.) 

junior year
Me on the far left & Diana on the far right – Junior Year of HS

It was Freshman year of high school & she had been a homeschooler up until this grade. She was new to this type of school environment to begin with. We went to a private Christian school that I had attended already for 3 years before this. Diana was growing out her bangs & decided to wear a headband every day. She was super cute, but for some reason this larger man-shaped girl decided she was going to break Diana’s headband & proceeded to tell everyone in our English class that she was going to do it. Diana hadn’t gotten to class yet, but I overheard all this gloating. So when Diana entered the room & sat down, I picked up my stuff & sat beside her & decided right there that we were going to be friends. Nobody was going to be breaking her headband on my watch!

senior year
Me in the middle & Diana on the right – Senior year of HS

Well, continue through the next couple of years & Diana was there through good & bad. I remember spending the night at her house countless times, chatting about boys & life & the future as we fell asleep. I remember shopping & laughing & talking & eating. We loved McDonald’s fries. I went to cheer/dance competitions with Diana & her family. I rode my bike to her house when things at my house got crazy.

Me & Diana in Florida after graduation

Everything got really fun when she got her Purple Toyota Tacoma for her 16th birthday! It was ON then! We had a “Junior Year Mix” that included fabulous rap songs like “What’s Your Fantasy” by Ludacris. Oh we were cool. We dyed my hair on a regular basis – I was very adventurous with hair color. We were pretty adventurous in general – for a couple of private school girls. I remember getting in her truck after school, taking off our solid color school uniform polos to reveal our super cute tees underneath & then rolling down the windows & jamming our mix.


We got closer as time went on. We were there for each other through a varying degree of rough situations. I fed her chocolate pudding when she had her wisdom teeth removed & she held my hand when my world fell apart. I’ve held her hand several times when her world did the same. I’ve always known I could count on her & I’ve always tried to be a friend she can depend on.

After high school, we took a trip to Florida to stay in my grandfather’s condo & we bid farewell to our high school years. That December, we moved in together in my grandmother’s old house. We were perfect roommates. We went different directions in a lot of ways in college, but the bond between us never faltered. We lived together, but we didn’t hang out in the same circles, but whenever we were together, things picked up right where they left off.


The year we turned 20, we both got married & she had her first baby girl. She was 8 months pregnant in my wedding, but she still served as my matron of honor. We started weekly dinners at this point to make sure that we could maintain our friendship through the craziness of marriage, kids, jobs, etc. After she had her second baby girl when we were 22, our weekly dinners turned to Saturday lunches & shopping trips. Those continue even now.

As time has gone on, our relationship has grown & changed & I feel closer to her now than I’ve ever felt to a friend in my life. To have someone you can count on – who sees your darkest secrets & is willing to stand next to you anyway – is a gift I don’t even know I’ll ever fully comprehend. No one besides Lewis has ever shown the degree of loyalty & companionship that she has shown me. I see her as family. Her girls are practically cousins to Isis & Diana is the same as an aunt. She was there when I delivered Isis & she will be there when I delivery any future children.


She is an important part of my life & that relationship started in high school. I know so many people lose touch with their high school friends or their high school boyfriends, and although I have definitely moved past the high school stage, my best friend has grown up with me & my boyfriend became my husband. I am now going on 6 years of marriage with Lewis & more than 12 years of friendship with Diana.