Happy Anniversary!!

Six years ago today, I married my husband. Here’s some of our story.
cam & lew early dating
We met more than eight years ago in April 2002. When we met, I had short, dark red hair – almost purple. He had a mohawk. We were quite the pair. Although, we didn’t work out at first. I was 17 years old. He was 21. I know it sounds crazy, but I knew immediately that I would marry him. After our first phone conversation, I just knew. I went to school the next day & told my best friends at lunch that I met my husband the night before. Of course they thought I was crazy. And I was surprisingly not really thrilled by this realization.
cam & lew early dating 2
We went on a date that weekend & it went okay, but not great. I was not very nice. You see, I was 17 & all that entails. I was perfectly ready to go to college & date around & just have fun. I was not interested in a serious boyfriend. I was definitely not interested in getting married young.
cam & lew later dating
About six months later, we were dating – officially. He pursued me & I just couldn’t stay away. I finally allowed my head & my heart to be in the same place.
cam & lew engaged
There were a few bumps in the road & we broke up a couple of times over the next 2 years – his choice, not mine. Ah, young love. He just didn’t know yet what I already knew…that we were going to get married.
cam & lew wedding
Needless to say, I was right! He figured out that he just couldn’t live without me & on October 2, 2004, we were married.
cam & lew show pic
The first year was newlywed bliss, the second year was ridiculously hard thanks to several different things. It’s really hard getting married at 20 (me) and 24 (him). There are a lot of things you haven’t done and haven’t learned and a lot of ways you make things harder on yourself than you need to. Those first couple of years were hard.
cam & lew zao shirt
But honestly, God knew exactly what He was doing putting me & Lewis together. We really do complement each other very well. We came through some difficult things stronger than I ever imagined. Over the past several years, God has taught me so much about marriage & compromise & sacrifice & joy. I’ve learned how to fight in a healthy way. I’ve learned how to share life with someone. We’ve learned how to speak & when to stop speaking. We’ve learned what works & what doesn’t. We’ve learned that it’s okay if our marriage looks totally different than someone else’s because we know where we are focused – or better yet, Who we are focused on. I’ve grown up a lot & so has Lewis & our marriage has been blessed through this time.
cam & lew blue jacket
I really could not ask for more than the humble, generous, loving, gracious, hilarious, intuitive & kind person that he really is.
cam & lew band pic
In June 2006, we went on tour with Lewis’ band.
cam & lew yay
In August 2008, we decided we wanted to have a baby.
cam & lew pregnant
In May 2009, we found out we were pregnant!
cam & lew new baby isis
January 2, 2010, Isis was born.
cam & lew now family of 3
Our family of two is now a family of three.
cam & lew happy post baby
Seeing Lewis become a father has been one of the most amazing experiences in our marriage. This year, I am particularly grateful that we are married. I could not imagine raising my kids with anyone else. I look forward to the future with so much hope because I know that the possibility that was created in our union has unlimited potential. I am so grateful for my husband & for my family!
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