Dear Baby: Analyzed! … 31DBBB Day 4

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Today’s task for the Problogger 31DBBB challenge is to analyze a top blog in your niche. I am pretty much in love with the Dear Baby blog. She writes about her new baby, Everly & all of their experiences as first time parents! She started this blog as a separate place from her personal blog where she could chronicle her pregnancy. She loves all things vintage, her hubby Brent & she is clearly enamored with being a new mom. I think it would be impossible to not get excited about having kids after reading her blog! It just puts a smile on your face.
She doesn’t talk about anything controversial really – nothing political related to babies. She shares her experience & her perspective, but she is clear to be respectful & kind when it comes to the fact that others could have different perspectives on babies & parenting. I believe her most powerful asset is her writing style. It’s so natural & poetic & it just flows perfectly. Even longer posts are incredibly easy to read. You can tell she is in love with life & I find that inspiring. I can tell that people love reading about her vintage finds & I’m sure everyone loves her Letters to Everly.
Her design is really simple. She has everything down to the bare essentials & it works perfectly. She only offers Twitter & RSS as subscription options, although she is a Tumblr blog, so you can easily follow if you use Tumblr. I don’t see any advertisements on her blog, so I’m not sure if she even does any monetization. She does reviews & giveaways & is getting things for free to review. According to Alexa, her blog is rising in users & pageviews. She usually posts at least once per day.
Things I think I can learn from Dear Baby:
Post great pictures: Her pictures are so beautiful & edited really well, but they have a unique feel to them.
Use my unique voice: It is never a good idea to copy anyone’s voice from their blog, but I think one of the things that draws people to Dear Baby is that they can tell who she is from her writing. You can identify with her & you can tell that she is being authentic.
Be genuine: Another thing I think people really love about her blog is that you don’t feel like she’s faking anything. You feel like she is who she is & she’s just sharing it with the world.
Find joy in life: There is nothing more attractive in a blogger or a person in general than someone who finds the beauty & joy in their life. Each life is unique, so we can all find the things that make our lives wonderful.
Be simple: I don’t have to use a lot of words or a lot of pictures or a lot of stuff to share something great with my readers. Sometimes less is more.
I’m really looking forward to seeing who you all chose to analyze! 
I love finding new great blogs to read!!
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