I was talking to a woman tonight who is 7 months pregnant and she was asking about what baby stuff I recommend! So I’ve made a list. But I’ve only picked things that I think the particular brand was what made it special for us. My honorable mentions at the bottom are things that I’ve used a lot and definitely think I needed, but any brand could have worked just as well.

chicco cubes

Chicco Cortina Stroller & Carseat
I absolutely love this travel system! It’s really easy to use – once you get used to carting around carriers & strollers in general. I think there’s a learning curve to that no matter what brand you buy! I looked like a total clutz the first few times I was getting out my stroller in a parking lot. But the stroller in this system is really smooth and the carrier is really easy to strap in to a car with or without the carseat base. Although I LOVE the carseat base, too! We chose the Cubes pattern and I love that it can be used with a boy or a girl. It’s really neutral.

born free

Born Free Bottles
I only have to give Isis bottles if I’m not with her for some reason – like Daddy/daughter day every other Saturday – or some other event I need to go to. So she hasn’t had to take a whole lot of bottles, but we did find pretty quickly that she liked Born Free & nothing else. Granted, we only bought Born Free and Avent bottles, but we tried another brand at Diana’s house, too. We had heard good things about Avent from the lactation consultants at the hospital. So this is really Isis’ preference. My only advice is to try out a couple of bottles & figure out which one your baby likes before you buy a whole bunch of one brand.

pump n style

Medela Pump n Style
I really like this pump because it is a double pump and it’s pretty fast and not too loud. You can adjust the intensity and the speed of the pump. I haven’t used any other pumps, so I can’t really compare, but I can say that I recommend this one!!

cradle n swing

Fisher Price Cradle n Swing
I have posted several times about my swing. (Search: Swing) I like this one because it swings in 3 different directions, it lays back like a cradle and it has a mirror in the center of the mobile above her head. She loves mirrors! So this one is perfect!! My friend Laurel told me about this one and she said she has yet to find a baby that doesn’t like this swing. Isis definitely didn’t like her other swing (Graco Lovin’ Hug Plug-in Swing) – which was so sad because my lovely friends from the College of Education bought it for her!!


GroBaby diapers
You know I had to put this in there! I tried a couple of different kinds of diapers right at first, including FuzziBunz pocket diapers and some fitted diapers. None worked as well as the Gro Baby! They adjust around the waist and have elastic around the legs, so they fit Isis from the time she was 7 lbs! We have had a couple of blow-out diapers that leaked, but no more than I would have expected from disposable diapers! Check out this post for more info.


JJ Cole Diaper Bag
I have gotten lots of compliments on this diaper bag from other moms! I definitely really like it because it has plenty of room, lots of pockets and comes with a changing pad. I also really like the pattern! I’ve seen some other JJ Cole bags that I really like, too, so it seems to be a good brand all around!

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym

These are all personal preferences! I’d love to hear what brands or items you’ve found helpful!!