Saturday, August 25, 2012

Maternity Pics

My friend Sara Corman of Sara Corman Photography took some beautiful pictures for us a couple of weeks ago! Isis wasn't always super thrilled about having her picture taken, but I think we got some great shots of our growing family!! If you're in the KY area and are interested in pictures, check out Sara's blog for more information! I highly recommend her!!
Side note, Sara will also be taking our birth pictures when Baby #2 arrives. So she'll be there capturing that experience for us!

Sara Corman Photography

Friday, August 10, 2012

Pregnancy Update: 30 weeks

Weight: At 30 weeks, I've gained about 25 pounds. This is more than I had gained at this point with Isis, but still not bad in my opinion! I'm on track to gain about 35 this pregnancy. I'm starting to feel heavier lately. I've reached that point where I just feel bigger in general. I can only wear maternity pants, which is different than how it was with Isis. With Isis, I could wear my regular jeans with a hair band tied around the button. I used the Bella Band a lot with that pregnancy. This time, I feel like my hips & thighs are a little bigger than they were with Isis because my regular pants just don't fit at the top of my legs as well. I've got several pairs of maternity pants and shorts, so I'm wearing those! I am mainly wearing regular shirts, not maternity shirts. Most of my clothes are pretty stretchy, so that plays in my favor right now! We'll see how it goes as I continue to get bigger these last 10 weeks.
Aversions: Considering the last time I posted a pregnancy update, I was about 15 weeks pregnant, lots has changed in terms of aversions with me. I really have no smell or food aversions at all anymore. The onion aversion at the beginning of this pregnancy was absolutely insane and very intense! I've never experienced anything like that! But luckily it got better & I've been eating cooked & uncooked onions now for a couple months! 
Cravings: I haven't had any really regular cravings. Honestly I am a cravings kind of person even when I'm not pregnant. I'll just decide there is something I have to have & that'll be all I think about for days until I have it! So I've been doing that this time, too. Most recently, I wanted a Heath Mocha iced coffee drink that they have at this local coffee shop called Coffee Times. The shop was closed that particular time, so I had to get a small chocolate chip frappe from McDonald's. It did the trick! I have also wanted Arby's a lot through the whole pregnancy, which is unusual for me.
Differences this time: This pregnancy has overall been very similar to my first. The main differences have been some hormone issues I had at the beginning that showed themselves in facial break-outs, itching all over my body, and headaches. All of those things have resolved themselves. I've been using Benzaclin for my face and I have an allergy pill that works specifically for itching that I used with that and then I could take Excedrin Tension for the headaches. I'm still using the Benzaclin everyday, but the itching and headaches haven't come up in a couple months, so I haven't had to take anything for either of them.
Heartburn: The main difference between this pregnancy and my first pregnancy is heartburn!! But it deserves its own section. With Isis, my heartburn did get a little worse than normal, only in that I would have to take Tums almost every night. Normally when I'm not pregnant, I'll need Tums occasionally, but with both non-pregnancy and my pregnancy with Isis, the Tums did the trick. This time, I noticed that my heartburn was just very strong. I started out taking a Zantac everyday as recommended by my midwife. I would still wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I had stomach acid in my throat. It wouldn't go away for a long time and it would mess up my sleep and just my general comfort at all times of the day. So after talking to my midwife, I started taking Prilosec everyday instead. This has helped more, but it's still an issue. Some nights the Prilosec takes care of it, but most nights I end up taking Prilosec and then taking 2 Tums - the big Ultra 1000 ones, and I usually have to drink a glass of milk before bed, too. It can be incredibly uncomfortable. My midwife just prescribed Nexium at my 30 week appointment, so we'll see if that helps any better than the others. I feel really bad for people who struggle with this in their normal life, without pregnancy! It's miserable! I am convinced, though, that this means that baby #2 will have her daddy's hair. He has thick hair & lots of it, so I'm thinking that's the culprit!
Name: We do have a baby name picked out, but as I've said before, we aren't sharing it yet. It is definitely out of the ordinary, like Isis. Some people will have heard of the name before and a lot won't have heard of it. The middle name has a similar theme as Isis' name. She is Isis Ruby. So that's my only hint - there is a theme with the middle names. I'm very excited about her name & we've been using it at home and even with Isis, but she hasn't quite picked up on what's going on yet. She still says Penelope is her baby sister - that's my best friend Diana's daughter. Penelope stayed with us in May for a week and I think Isis just thinks that Penelope is coming back as her baby sister. LOL she's in for a treat!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

2 1/2 Years Update!

General Stats: 28 lbs, 35.75 inches tall
Movement: Obviously as a 2-year old, this is becoming a less interesting update. Isis loves to run & dance & she is absolutely a little climber! She loves to climb up on Lewis' weightlifting equipment. I swear she can scale some of that stuff! I have to keep an eye on her or she'll be climbing up somewhere she shouldn't! She is starting to be able to walk up and down the stairs like normal, alternating legs. But she doesn't do this all the time. She has had a couple of tumbles down the last couple of stairs if she starts going too fast, so she's not yet going down stairs alone.
Food: For the most part, she is an excellent eater! We were told that she would start to eat less this year, but we are still amazed at how much she can put away! She usually eats well for breakfast and lunch and then dinner is hit or miss. If we're eating Mexican food or pizza, she can throw down at dinner. But if it's anything else, it just depends. She loves yogurt, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, broccoli, bananas, noodles, tomatoes, grilled cheese & tomato soup, Mexican food and pizza. She'll also ask for chicken pretty frequently and she likes fruit and she LOVES chocolate! We limit the sweets to weekends except for M&M's still sometimes for potty rewards. She's pretty good about trying things and we rarely have a day that she just flat-out refuses to eat anything at a meal, so that's something to be thankful for!
Teeth: She is currently getting her 2-year molars in the back. She's constantly telling us about her "new teeth" coming in. She'll point to them and say "don't touch, they hurt." Poor thing, those big molars always look so painful! She has one of those toothbrushes that blinks a red light while she's brushing and turns off after a minute so you know how long to brush. She loves brushing her teeth with this! And usually does well at letting me or Lewis finish to make sure we got everything. She also lets us floss her teeth, which is awesome! And she had her first visit to the dentist! She was an absolute doll when she went! The dentist was commenting on how calm she was and how willing she was to let them do everything! She did the fluoride rinse and let them count her teeth and even use the little sucker tool. That was the biggest thing that they were shocked about! She even asked for them to do it again & they took a picture of her with it in her mouth! What a big girl! Neither me nor Lewis have had an issue with going to the dentist in our lives - I don't dread it like some people do, so we tried to intentionally be really positive and excited about the dentist!
Talking: Her speech is growing rapidly & she's picking up on lots of new words every day! She can carry on conversations and be really funny! She's starting to pick up on funny sayings. The other day I did something in the car and she goes, "oh snap!" She's also said things are "ridiculous" and she'll tell us "don't freak out." I love it! She's hilarious. She loves to sing right now and she will frequently run around singing and you just have no idea what she's saying when she does that. It sounds like complete gibberish. But usually we can understand most of what she's saying at this point! She's also started to ask everyone for their name. She'll come up and go "what's your name, mommy?" So she's discovered that mommy is Cameron (sounds like Camman), Daddy is Lewis (Woo-wis - not great with L's right now), and her name is Isis.
Sleep: She is still napping everyday for about 2 hours. We recently moved her nap time to 12:30 rather than 12. This is working out better at this point! She was trying to refuse the nap every once in a while, but pushing it back those 30 minutes has seemed to solve that problem for now. If she does try to refuse, I just leave her in her room if she's doing that and usually she'll just sing to her blankets or talk or play in her bed. We're definitely keeping that nap time or rest time in her room for as long as possible! She still goes to bed around 7:30, although again, it could be anywhere from 7:45 to 9:00 before she's actually asleep, but she's in there by herself from 7:30 on. She's been waking up anywhere from 6:30am to 7:30am all summer. Once school starts she'll have to be up by 7:00 and once this baby comes, it'll probably be a little earlier than that.
Potty Training: She is fully 100% potty trained! She never wears diapers anymore - not for naps, nighttime or swimming. She wears "big girl panties." She has no trouble with going #1 or #2 and she has only had 2 or 3 days with accidents since we potty trained her in June. She still asks for "M's" when she goes #2 sometimes, but overall we've tried to phase out the candy as a reward. We're also starting to work on her pulling down her own pants to go potty so she can be more self-sufficient with it.
Discipline: Oh the 2-year old tantrums! This girl is strong-willed! She wants what she wants when she wants it and we are constantly dealing with appropriately maneuvering her attitudes. The thing I want to try to be intentional about is both affirming her headstrong attitude and teaching her appropriate boundaries. I love her spirit and I hope that if properly encouraged and given those appropriate boundaries, that her strong-willed attitude will lead to a child and teenager who is able to think for herself and voice her opinions and concerns without fear or persuasion. I have been reading Boundaries with Kids and it's really helping me to set these boundaries while still encouraging her spirit and allowing her to make choices about her behavior. It's a daily struggle and something I'm sure we're going to make mistakes in as parents, but I feel like emphasizing boundaries, choices and love are all helping us!
Milestones: As far as milestones go, she's doing great with more self-sufficient activities. She can wash her own hands and brush her own teeth, both with a little help from us to make sure she gets everything clean! She holds a pencil properly and can draw little circles within the lines on a regular piece of notebook paper! Nobody even taught her that, I guess she just picked up on it from watching us! She jumps with both feet, opens and closes doors, counts to about 15 correctly - 20 with usually a mistake somewhere in there, recognizes most basic colors - she confuses red and blue for some reason and still gets mixed up sometimes with yellow & orange, and she can name all her friends! 
Overall I feel like she's just a bright, beautiful 2 1/2 year old! I love seeing how much she changes each day! She's just growing a little each day, in all ways! I'm so proud of her!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Babywise, Scheduling, Sleep Training Update

I've been looking back through old posts from when Isis was little. I think it's no secret that we really loved the Babywise method and the idea of a consistent routine as we were helping Isis learn to soothe herself to sleep and learn to sleep through the night! I thought I'd give an update as to how this has played out in our lives throughout the last 2 1/2 years! 

In 14 Steps to an Easy Baby, I shared several tips that worked really well for us. Of all of these, the idea of consistency and not setting up bad habits worked really well for us! We have been really consistent with Isis throughout her life. We really focus on intentional parenting, whether that's sleep schedules, daily routines, feeding practices, discipline, etc. I want to post more about this later, but as far as sleep and routine stuff goes, it has worked out extremely well as far as our family goes. 
Why we used a Routine
Some families don't thrive under a consistent routine. Some families enjoy being on the go fairly regularly and really flexible with their evenings and mornings. After my last couple of years of parenting experience, I think that it is most important to go with what works for you. If that works for you, then it's absolutely what you need to do. But for us, we thrive under a routine. Lewis and I both do really well knowing what to expect from our day and our week. We have no trouble having routines that look about the same every day. I think it helps us both stay calm and focused so that we can best maneuver the natural changes that are going to come with just having a baby or a toddler in the home. Isis' mood and temper can change in a short amount of time, so knowing that the larger perspective of the day is going to stay the same, helps us to feel better about those smaller issues that come up unexpectedly. 

How she adjusted as she got older
I posted a lot on Schedules and Sleep Training as well. I feel like this chronicles how I took cues from her to know when to stretch her schedule and when to drop naps and things like that. What I found as Isis got older is that she started to also know what to expect from her day and that it really worked. When she was really able to talk, closer to 18 months or so. She would start to tell me that it was nap time around noon and she would go lay her head on the bottom step, ready to go upstairs. It has rarely been a fight or a struggle to get her to take a nap or to go to bed. She would also tell me when it was time to eat. 

I think a lot of the stuff about the routines has to do with metabolism. It's similar to us as adults. If we are having trouble sleeping at night, do any research at all or talk to your doctor and you'll find that they suggest that you start to go to bed about the same time every night and you try to get up about the same time each morning so that you train your metabolism and your internal clock to be ready to sleep about the same time every day. At school during the school year, I would eat breakfast & lunch about the same time every day and you start to find in the summer that you're still getting hungry around that schedule because your metabolism adjusts to it. It's the same for kids in my opinion. I think Isis' body just got used to that routine.

Dealing with Changes
A lot of people may ask or argue that being that structured can make it difficult to adjust to changes in your schedule, but I've actually found the opposite to be true. Because we have been so consistent, Isis knows that we'll get back to that even if we have to be off for a day or two. For example, if we go to lunch later than normal and she's off by like an hour or so for her nap one day, she knows that the nap is coming and she is pretty adaptable and okay with waiting because she knows what to expect from me. She knows that even if we're pushing something back a little that it's still coming. It's almost like she just knows to trust us now because we've been so consistent.

What about baby #2?
Now, I am in no way saying that this is the only way to parent or the only way to set up your day or your routine. I have friends that have not used a schedule or routine and they are just as happy with the outcome of their decisions because it is what works for their families. I'm just saying that with all my posts and my focus on it in the past, it was time to share an update. In my experience, if you were to choose this method, it would absolutely work! My next child will be different and I know that. Personalities are different, my schedule is different than it was then, I'll have 2 rather than 1, etc. But I found that it was easy to learn how to read Isis' cues and I'll be able to do the same thing with this next baby. That means that the new baby's routine each day may look a little different than Isis' did. Maybe she'll be a 10 hour a night sleeper rather than the 12 hour a night sleeper that Isis was. Maybe I'll have to adjust things for her specific needs and temperament, but I will still focus on being consistent and routined because that is what works for my family.

You can probably expect that I'll be sharing my experiences this time as well!
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