Monday, May 28, 2012

5 Things NOT to Buy for Baby

First of all, pregnancy milestone! Last night, Lewis was able to put his hand on my belly & feel the baby kick! I love it when the baby gets big enough that he can feel the kicks! He was very excited. We tried to show Isis this morning, but she wasn't quite as interested. 

Now, on to other things, I've been thinking about the things I need for this baby and I've also been thinking about things that we don't need for this baby or any baby! Everyone gets so much advice about what to register for and what not to. While someone else may offer different advice than me and I always tell people to take everyone's advice and then piece together what works for you, I've decided to throw in my perspective on this!

1. Changing Table
I got a changing mat and I just moved it wherever I needed to change her. It is really rare that you actually want to, in my case, climb the stairs to go change the baby on the changing table. If your baby room and everything else you do is all on one floor, then maybe it'd be more beneficial, but in my opinion, just get a changing mat and take it wherever you need to go!

2. Cradle or Bassinet
I got a Pack N Play, which has a little bassinet section in it. It was actually very useful and I used it both when she was sleeping or napping as a newborn and when she was older and moving around I needed to contain her for short periods of time while I cooked dinner or something. But a stand-alone cradle or bassinet is just not necessary. You won't use it for very long and I highly recommend a Pack N Play, which you can use for virtually the same purpose.

3. Wipes Warmer
You're just not going to use this. No way. Maybe for a very short period of time right after you buy it, but really your child needs to be used to cooler wipes because that's usually what you're going to have when you're out running errands or at someone else's house. So unless you're ready to cart that thing with you everywhere you go, just don't get it.

4. Baby Bath Tub
Now this is one thing that I did use, but only because I got one for free. It really wasn't necessary. As a newborn, I put a towel on the counter by the sink in the kitchen & that's where we bathed Isis for a long time. We'd just kinda wipe her down and clean her off that way. Then you can put a small amount of water in the regular tub and wash them in there when they get a little bigger. The baby tub just isn't totally necessary. But again, I used it, so if you got it as a gift or just for whatever reason really wanted it, then it's not a total waste.

5. Crib Bedding Set
It's just not necessary to buy the big set. For one thing, it's now recommended that you don't use bumper pads. I did use them, but mine were thin and didn't pose a suffocation or climbing hazard. For another thing, you won't use the bigger blanket that much. I used mine occasionally and Isis likes to play with it now, but it's not a necessity. This time, I plan on buying some cute sheets on Etsy and using the breathable mesh crib liner and that's really all you need! Just the cute sheets & some receiving blankets will work great. While they're in the crib, they're going to kick off the covers so much anyway that any blankets in there are really not needed.

What do you think? Anything you'd add or take away from this list?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Name Game

We find out on May 29 whether we are having a boy or a girl. I am very excited to know & to start preparing! I get so much more attached to the baby in pregnancy when I can call the baby by name. But speaking of names, we've made a decision this time that is different than what we did with Isis. We have decided not to reveal the baby's name to anyone until they are born.

I wrote this post right after I found out Isis was a girl. We had chosen her name and were very excited about it and were surprised to find out that people had some very strong opinions against unusual names. 

We have a boy name and 2 potential girl names picked out for our baby and all of them are unusual, along the same lines as Isis' name. We are super excited and look forward to the big reveal when the baby comes! It'll be fun to tell everyone this time because nobody is going to be rude when they are holding my beautiful baby! Isis has totally grown into her name and it is perfect for her and I look forward to the same thing with this baby!

Yay for baby names!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 Baby items I want this time around

Luckily, having baby #2 has many perks, including the fact that we have most baby items we need! I kept a running list in my head of things I wish I had with Isis or things I would've used a lot. I made a wish list of things I'd like this time!

1. Glider
I sat on our futon in Isis' bedroom when I would nurse her. I wish it had rocked or moved in any way. I would love a glider to go in the baby's bedroom this time!

2. Jumper
We had something that was more like an exersaucer with Isis. She couldn't bounce like she could in a jumperoo like this. Every time we would go to someone's house who had one of these, she loved it! It would be fun to have this time.
3. Baby Bullet
We had a Beaba Babycook from Williams-Sonoma with Isis. I still have it, and I did like it and would be okay with using it again, but I have to say I would really love a Baby Bullet! And they are way cheaper than a Beaba. Wish they had those when Isis was born.
Order: Baby Bullet

4. Dria Nursing Cover
I had several kinds of nursing covers with Isis. None of them were as fabulous as the Dria nursing cover seems to be! My mom and I are trying to make our own right now. Watch the video on the website and just try to tell me that you wouldn't find that totally helpful when you're nursing! I love that it covers the front and the back, that it's really stretchy & that it can be used for other things.
Order: Dria Cover
5. Breathable Mesh Crib Liner
These things look really cool! I am personally in favor of bumper pads because they keep baby legs from going through crib slats and they keep pacifiers and other items inside the crib. Isis' bumper pads were thin enough that I never worried about suffocation or her using them to climb up the crib. But this mesh crib liner accomplishes everything I like about bumper pads without actually being a bumper pad. Nice.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

My husband pays attention to my blog. He bought me one of the necklaces I mentioned! I love it!!!

I hope your Mother's Day is wonderful and that you get time to celebrate your mother and to be celebrated for everything you may do as a mother!

In honor of mothers, here are a couple of mother-related posts that I've enjoyed lately: Really, TIME Magazine from The Planet Pink, Breastfeeding is a big deal from The Mommyhood Memos, Cheering on MOMS from Life Wrapped in Pink

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hey, preggo..

I have a couple of friends who are pregnant for the first time and I was having a conversation with one the other day. I realized that half the stuff I was talking about, I had posted about on here at one point. I decided to put together a little go-to list. The thing to keep in mind with all of it is that this is all from my experience and my experience. That'll look different for everyone, but I took from other mom's experiences & perspectives to piece together what worked for me, so take what works for you & leave the rest!

Baby Stuff I Can't Live Without (while you're registering!)
My Top 10 Pregnancy Tips
Isis' Big Debut (Birth Story)
General Info & Baby Sleep Books
Parenting Books

Coming Home
What's Been Surprising (then I thought of one more)
 The Hard Stuff (a post written in the middle of my baby blues weeks)
5 Ways to Calm Those Baby Fears
New Mom Tips
I did a New Mom Tips series with guest posts from other bloggers
Post-Partum Hair Loss, Stretch Marks & More
14 Steps to an Easy Baby

Top 5 Breastfeeding Tips
A Breastfeeding Update (great overview of what breastfeeding was like at each stage)
Sickness (mastitis)

Cloth Diapers
How to Easily Use Cloth Diapers
A Dad's Perspective on Cloth Diapers
Grobaby to GroVia (has a great video of the GroVia diapers)

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