Friday, November 2, 2012

Fearless Friday: Bedtime

Because I didn't capture any pics of my Fearless Friday escapades, here's a cute pic of my 2 ballerinas from Halloween on Wednesday! Isis was Angelina Ballerina, but she refused to wear the ears or the tail.
I read a post on Rookie Mom about how we should observe Fearless Fridays. Her blog is for rookie moms, which I am now not one anymore, but I am embarking on a new stage of motherhood with 2 kids. You can be as prepared as possible & adding a child to the mix is still going to throw you for a loop. So I think it'll be fun to try to do something each week that scares me in terms of motherhood! I may not always do it on Friday, but I'll post about it on Friday.

This week my Fearless Friday activity happened on Thursday. During the day, I took Lux out for our first shopping trip alone to Target & then we met a couple of women for lunch. I was nervous about both, only because you never know if your child is going to cry throughout the shopping trip or that I'd need to nurse her in the middle of Panera. It's been almost 3 years now since I was going out alone with a newborn. Neither of those things happened, so while I did face my fears of going out alone with her, I didn't really end up having to deal with anything scary. 

Lewis has something he does at church every Thursday night and he hasn't gone for the last 2 weeks because we were getting acclimated to life with Lux, but this week he needed to start going back. So I was left to do bedtime by myself. Now, bedtime lately has been a bit of a nightmare. For 1, Isis is having a rough transition in terms of a few things when it comes to Lux. Bedtime has been difficult because of this. She will fight us, sometimes literally (kicking & hitting) at bedtime. We've had some upsetting evenings where we've had to leave her in her room without singing a song or giving her hugs and kisses like normal. So I wasn't really looking forward to dealing with that by myself. Then Lux is having her nightly fussy time, that I now believe all newborns have, which lasts from about an hour before bedtime through whenever she may fall asleep, which could be anywhere from 30 minutes to like 3 hours after bedtime.

I was going to have my mom come help me with bedtime, but I decided that in honor of Fearless Fridays, I needed to face this fear, put my big girl pants on & do it myself! So I did!!

I realize there are a lot of moms who start right away being alone with both of their kids, but I just haven't had to do that yet. Isis still goes to the babysitter all day Monday through Friday because we had to pay for her spot anyway, so we figured it'd be great for her to stay in that routine, get some time with other kids her age & give me some time alone with Lux. So during the week it's just me & Lux while Lewis is at work & Isis is at the babysitter. When both Isis and Lux are at home, Lewis is always there, with the exception of maybe 30 minutes here & there. Lewis has been home every night for bedtimes, too. He also gets up with Isis if she wakes up at night and he brings Lux to me to nurse in the middle of the night. (Have I told you recently how much I adore & appreciate my husband? He's pretty fabulous.) But that basically means that I'm not really left to do a lot of this alone very often.
Seeing how it was the first time I've ever done bedtime alone with 2, I feel a little like Super-Mom. I was able to get them both bathed, Isis in the regular bath & Lux a sponge bath at the sink, I also got Lux's sheets changed & I did a load of laundry. There were no major breakdowns & everything went fairly smoothly! I was really celebrating afterwards! And I think that's okay. I feel like I need to celebrate my firsts with them and my mommy milestones! That is definitely one of them!
Only sad thing is that I don't have any pictures of it to share because, hello, look at everything I was doing! I was busy. But I shared a cute Halloween picture from Wednesday night! Yay!

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