Friday, November 9, 2012

Fearless Friday: All Day

This week, I had my first day at home alone with both girls! Election day was Tuesday and Isis' babysitter only watches kids on a teacher's schedule (which is fabulous for me because it means we don't pay for spring break or fall break of Christmas break, etc.), so Isis was at home with me & Lux while Lewis was at work. I was less nervous about this than I was about doing bedtime by myself, but it still feels like a big deal to be outnumbered by 2 little ones that need your help!

Happy to say, it went really well! My friend Emily & her 2 kids Reese & Aiden came over in the morning, so Isis got to play with Reese & I got to talk to a friend! Lux napped like a champ all day, so I also got some great alone time with Isis & then when their naps overlapped for an hour, I got a little bit of time to myself! 

I also got to go vote when Lewis got home & Isis got to go with me! That was exciting for her to see that even at a young age. I hope she grows up learning that it is an important part of our rights and responsibilities as citizens. I'd love to always make sure she goes with one of us to vote!
On that note, though, notice that I made it a point to go out with just Isis. So far I have yet to go out with both of them alone. Looks like that'll need to be an upcoming Fearless Friday post!!

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