Saturday, November 10, 2012


I love the Currently posts on Sometimes Sweet. I also found a good one on Cailyn. I thought it'd be fun to try one!

Watching: The main thing I am watching lately is Vampire Diaries because Lewis finally agreed to start at Season 1 with me. We've been doing it since Lux was born & we are almost done with Season 3! I love when we get into a show together! I also just this week started watching Nashville. I caught up on Hulu and then watched this week's episode on DVR! It is really fabulous. I love Connie Britton & I really don't love Hayden Panettiere, but after watching the show, I can totally deal with Hayden & I love all the stories & the scandal & the relationships! I'm also really loving Partners! It's great to see Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill and Michael Urie from Ugly Betty back on tv!

Reading: Lately I've just been reading my Bible Study and then lots of blog posts. I'm doing the Beth Moore study, John the Beloved Disciple. I've been reading blog posts on my Google Reader. Particular favorites include Dear Baby, Everyday Reading, Naptime Diaries and a blog by some guys I know, The Thing About Flying. I have a couple books on my shelf that I need to start reading. These include Jane Eyre (can't believe I've never read that), Rapture by Lauren Kate and The Night Circus.

Thinking About: I'm wrapped up in thoughts about sleeping and schedules and breastfeeding, obviously, but the main thing on my mind lately: CHRISTMAS! I am way more excited about the upcoming holiday season this year than I have been since I was a kid! I think it is because this year I have a child who will really "get" it for the first time and seeing that season through her eyes will be just as magical as it was when I was a kid! We already have our tree up & she was so excited about it that I just didn't even think twice about the fact that we weren't even in the double digit days of November! I've also been looking at lots of Christmas things on Pinterest and I plan on posting about that soon!

Loving: My husband. I realize that goes without saying, but since having Lux, I've been even more amazed by how much he does for me and my family. He is incredibly active in our lives and helpful and sacrificial and it's really such a blessing to have him. He wakes up with me for every night feeding. He takes Isis to the babysitter everyday before he goes to work and he picks her up most days if his schedule allows it. He makes dinner half the time because I'm usually feeding Lux right around dinner time. He's just very involved and engaged with us when he's home and it means more than I can even fully express here.

Listening to: Ooh actually I just purchased several new songs on iTunes & made a new playlist. Some of my favorites are "I Will Wait" by Mumford & Sons, "Skyfall" by Adele, "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz, "Poison & Wine" by The Civil Wars, and "Be Still" by The Fray.

Making Me Happy: The fact that Lux has been sleeping like a champ at night & eating like a champ during the day. It makes everything easier & definitely makes for a happy mom!

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