Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pregnancy Update: 38 weeks

Weight: I've gained 35 pounds total. Each appointment now, I'm right at that point, not really gaining anymore. I was even a pound less last week and now back up to 35 pounds total this week. I'm happy with my weight gain. It's about 5 pounds more than I gained with Isis, but it's a second baby and it's warmer outside, so I've noticed more fluid retention and a little more swelling in my feet and legs than I had with Isis. I can still fit in a few non-maternity shirts, but with pants, there are 2 pairs of maternity capri jeans that I can fit in, a pair of maternity leggings and a couple of pairs of sweatpants that I fit in. That's it. So considering the temperature dropped today, I'm hoping she comes soon because I don't really have any warm weather pants that fit me right now!

Aversions: None! Yay!

Cravings: Ice cream - Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip or anything from Orange Leaf. I want it all the time. Not indulging myself, though, because I'm happy staying at my 35 pound weight gain. LOL. I'm also still craving Arby's. Weird.

Differences this time: The main difference I've been experiencing lately is how my body is preparing for labor. With Isis, I was checked at 36 weeks and my cervix was still closed. I didn't start dilating until 37 weeks. I went from 1 cm to 4 cm in 2 1/2 weeks and Isis was born 3 days early. This time, I was checked at 35 weeks because I was having so many strong Braxton Hicks and I was already 1 cm. I'm now 38 weeks & in 3 weeks, I've gone from 1 cm to 4 cm and I'm 100% effaced with a "really bulging" bag of water (sorry for all the cervical medical lingo). But this still apparently means nothing because she's not here yet. So I'm just waiting. Not so patiently, mind you. Another thing that is very different is my job. With Isis, I was working as a personal assistant for my friend's mom, who is also Lewis' boss now. I loved it. It was actually really fun and it was also perfect for a pregnant woman because if I got too tired or sore, I could sit and relax as needed. This time, I'm teaching. So actually this past week, I realized that I was pushing myself a little harder than my mind and body were okay with and I decided to stay home. I had 3 1/2 days until fall break with school anyway and I wasn't going to come back after fall break, so essentially I got a few days at home by myself to mentally prepare (and wait impatiently) for baby! I ran a lot of errands, went to the gym, got a lot of stuff done, and now I feel ready.

Heartburn: The Nexium that was prescribed at my 30 week appointment has absolutely changed my life!! I have still had a couple of individual issues, but that's it. As a whole, my days are great, no heartburn! At night, I drink milk before bed to just give that extra boost of help, but it's been wonderful!

Name: Isis now knows the baby's name and will tell anyone if they ask her. Because of this, a lot of people know the name now. But I'm still not telling until she's here! It is really fun, though because Isis refers to her sister's room as ______'s room and her toys as _______'s toys and she even picked out a blanket to give her at the hospital and we were back at Target the other day, where she found the blanket, and I pointed to it and said "who has a blanket like that?" and she goes "Baby sister _______ does!!" Oh I'm so excited to see the bond between these 2 girls throughout their lives!!!

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