Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Newborns: Let's Be Honest

My friend Emily sent me this article yesterday & I have to say I laughed out loud & then read it to Lewis & then sat down & went "whew!" Because it is so refreshing to hear someone else say exactly what I'm thinking. And that is...

I do not like the newborn stage.

I thought I would enjoy it more this time than I did with Isis. And I do, for sure. But I really hated it with Isis, so there was lots of room for improvement there. This time I'm enjoying it more and emotionally I feel 100% different, but that doesn't mean I love this stage. 
Don't get me wrong, I love my newborns. I loved Isis the moment I found out she was really in there! I loved Lux from the same moment and I loved them both throughout the pregnancy and birth and now. But being a mom and loving your kids does not mean that you love every stage of childhood. I am just not a newborn kind of mom. 

I love when babies start sleeping more consistently. I love when babies start interacting more, whether it's a smile or a laugh, or man, I'd even take holding eye contact! I love when babies are awake more and play. I love when babies move and crawl and walk. Yes, I know, lots of mommies are of the opinion that they love when they stay where you put them. I don't care. I'd rather they go! Because you can tell that they want to get going from birth, they just can't. I love when babies give kisses and say mama and dada and when they have arm control and head control. I do love babies! And I pretty  much adore toddlers! I just don't love the newborn stage.

I don't enjoy not knowing what to expect from my day. I don't enjoy not being able to soothe a crying newborn with anything except putting them to my breast. I don't enjoy sore nipples or leaking or wearing pads (breast or otherwise). I don't enjoy being worried about germs constantly. I don't enjoy waking up at night, or worse just not knowing how many times you'll have to wake up at night. I can do a night waking and really enjoy that one-on-one time when there is only 1 feeding at night. I don't enjoy being tethered to my house the majority of the time. I don't enjoy getting naps established and consistent with a newborn. I don't enjoy diapering, swaddling and then feeding a newborn, only to hear that massive poop sound that tells you that you're about to have to unswaddle and re-diaper even though you just got them ready to put down to sleep.


I don't love it.

I will do this one more time. We want three children and I look forward to the day when we have three kids over the age of 2. That will be a challenge, I know, but I promise I'll love that more than the newborn stage. So for now, I keep telling myself, "Cameron, you WILL do this one more time." Because I'm mentally preparing now - almost 3 years out - for the last time I will go through the newborn stage. Yes, I need that much preparation before I can do it again. I also need no more than 1 child in diapers.

I also have decided that, taking a cue from the author of the blog Emily sent me, that I need to focus on the things at each point that I do love and am enjoying. So I'm going to make that a focus for myself.

What about you? Do you love the newborn stage? Is there a stage that you don't love so much?

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Mama Smors said...

I love your honesty! Lux is beautiful! I am glad that you are blogging like crazy :) I have missed your regular writing and your family stories. Praying for you to push through this stage finding the things you love and before you know it Lux will be cooing, smiling, crawling, walking, and you will be ready to start all over!

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