Friday, August 10, 2012

Pregnancy Update: 30 weeks

Weight: At 30 weeks, I've gained about 25 pounds. This is more than I had gained at this point with Isis, but still not bad in my opinion! I'm on track to gain about 35 this pregnancy. I'm starting to feel heavier lately. I've reached that point where I just feel bigger in general. I can only wear maternity pants, which is different than how it was with Isis. With Isis, I could wear my regular jeans with a hair band tied around the button. I used the Bella Band a lot with that pregnancy. This time, I feel like my hips & thighs are a little bigger than they were with Isis because my regular pants just don't fit at the top of my legs as well. I've got several pairs of maternity pants and shorts, so I'm wearing those! I am mainly wearing regular shirts, not maternity shirts. Most of my clothes are pretty stretchy, so that plays in my favor right now! We'll see how it goes as I continue to get bigger these last 10 weeks.
Aversions: Considering the last time I posted a pregnancy update, I was about 15 weeks pregnant, lots has changed in terms of aversions with me. I really have no smell or food aversions at all anymore. The onion aversion at the beginning of this pregnancy was absolutely insane and very intense! I've never experienced anything like that! But luckily it got better & I've been eating cooked & uncooked onions now for a couple months! 
Cravings: I haven't had any really regular cravings. Honestly I am a cravings kind of person even when I'm not pregnant. I'll just decide there is something I have to have & that'll be all I think about for days until I have it! So I've been doing that this time, too. Most recently, I wanted a Heath Mocha iced coffee drink that they have at this local coffee shop called Coffee Times. The shop was closed that particular time, so I had to get a small chocolate chip frappe from McDonald's. It did the trick! I have also wanted Arby's a lot through the whole pregnancy, which is unusual for me.
Differences this time: This pregnancy has overall been very similar to my first. The main differences have been some hormone issues I had at the beginning that showed themselves in facial break-outs, itching all over my body, and headaches. All of those things have resolved themselves. I've been using Benzaclin for my face and I have an allergy pill that works specifically for itching that I used with that and then I could take Excedrin Tension for the headaches. I'm still using the Benzaclin everyday, but the itching and headaches haven't come up in a couple months, so I haven't had to take anything for either of them.
Heartburn: The main difference between this pregnancy and my first pregnancy is heartburn!! But it deserves its own section. With Isis, my heartburn did get a little worse than normal, only in that I would have to take Tums almost every night. Normally when I'm not pregnant, I'll need Tums occasionally, but with both non-pregnancy and my pregnancy with Isis, the Tums did the trick. This time, I noticed that my heartburn was just very strong. I started out taking a Zantac everyday as recommended by my midwife. I would still wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I had stomach acid in my throat. It wouldn't go away for a long time and it would mess up my sleep and just my general comfort at all times of the day. So after talking to my midwife, I started taking Prilosec everyday instead. This has helped more, but it's still an issue. Some nights the Prilosec takes care of it, but most nights I end up taking Prilosec and then taking 2 Tums - the big Ultra 1000 ones, and I usually have to drink a glass of milk before bed, too. It can be incredibly uncomfortable. My midwife just prescribed Nexium at my 30 week appointment, so we'll see if that helps any better than the others. I feel really bad for people who struggle with this in their normal life, without pregnancy! It's miserable! I am convinced, though, that this means that baby #2 will have her daddy's hair. He has thick hair & lots of it, so I'm thinking that's the culprit!
Name: We do have a baby name picked out, but as I've said before, we aren't sharing it yet. It is definitely out of the ordinary, like Isis. Some people will have heard of the name before and a lot won't have heard of it. The middle name has a similar theme as Isis' name. She is Isis Ruby. So that's my only hint - there is a theme with the middle names. I'm very excited about her name & we've been using it at home and even with Isis, but she hasn't quite picked up on what's going on yet. She still says Penelope is her baby sister - that's my best friend Diana's daughter. Penelope stayed with us in May for a week and I think Isis just thinks that Penelope is coming back as her baby sister. LOL she's in for a treat!


Jill said...

You look great! Best wishes! I'm due in 3 weeks. AHHHHHHH

andrewcarol said...

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