Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Girl! And potty training

We are having another girl!!!

I am so excited that Isis will have a little sister. That is something I never had and I always wished I had. Having a brother was fun, too, don't get me wrong, but there was always something I envied about that bond of sisters. I look forward to seeing this with my girls!! Everything looked great with the 20 week ultrasound, so we are excited and well into nursery planning and preparing as I want to have everything done and ready before I go back to school at the beginning of August.

Now, second reason for this post: Potty Training
We have also decided it is time to potty train Isis. I held off during the school year because I didn't want to make my babysitter do a lot of it. Isis uses the potty occasionally as it is, usually about once a day, if not more. She just doesn't really tell us if she needs to go all the time. She also wakes up with a dry diaper some of the time both at night and almost always for naps. So we feel like it's time. I'd love to get that taken care of before I'm back at school in August and before the baby comes!

So here's where I need advice! What worked for you with potty training?? Any fabulous tips or tricks? 
Right now we are planning on starting tomorrow because I've got 3, possibly 4 straight days where we can just hang out at home and we don't have to go anywhere. I'm just going to go straight to underwear and no diapers and just let her do what she does. I'll suggest it and have her try throughout the day and we're going to do 2 M&M's for pee and 5 for poo, although I don't really see the poo thing happening in the potty anytime soon. We also are going to keep the diapers for night time and naps for right now. After 2-3 days, I'm going to re-evaluate and see if it's working or it's not and go from there.

What did you do? Give me advice!!


justnotTHATmom said...

When it was time to potty train my son, I went in full force. I bought him lots of cool undies and those plastic covers you sometimes put over cloth diapers. I then just had him where those everyday. I consistently had him use the bathroom, and when he had an accident I made no big deal of it. I just had him change himself (with my help) and clean up. When I left the house I brought about five extra pairs of pants, undies, plastic covers, wipes, and plastic bags. When he had an accident in public I would just change him into dry clothes. I never let being in public change our routine because I didn't want to confuse him. At night time I put one of those thick water proof pads (they make disposable ones now) on his matress and I just had extra sheets, pads, and blankets on hand. He was fully potty trained (day/night) within a couple of weeks.

I would start by letting Isis pick out some cute undies that she likes. I would also do a sticker chart (or something similar) with a prize at the end. One thing I did with my daughter is I started by giving her a prize at the end of each day of staying dry, then the next week we moved to three days, then five the next, etc. They were just small prizes but helped her a lot.

Hope that helps!

jennifer petar said...

lol...Too cute ..:p
that gurl is so Beautiful and her Pink t shirt too....

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