Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Name Game

We find out on May 29 whether we are having a boy or a girl. I am very excited to know & to start preparing! I get so much more attached to the baby in pregnancy when I can call the baby by name. But speaking of names, we've made a decision this time that is different than what we did with Isis. We have decided not to reveal the baby's name to anyone until they are born.

I wrote this post right after I found out Isis was a girl. We had chosen her name and were very excited about it and were surprised to find out that people had some very strong opinions against unusual names. 

We have a boy name and 2 potential girl names picked out for our baby and all of them are unusual, along the same lines as Isis' name. We are super excited and look forward to the big reveal when the baby comes! It'll be fun to tell everyone this time because nobody is going to be rude when they are holding my beautiful baby! Isis has totally grown into her name and it is perfect for her and I look forward to the same thing with this baby!

Yay for baby names!!!


Georgia said...

Isis is a stunning name. Truly beautiful. It reminds me of some kind of Egyptian queen or a greek goddess.

:) xxx

Mama Smors said...

I love Isis' name! :) I am excited to know your baby name this time around too.... I guess I will have to wait!

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