Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hey, preggo..

I have a couple of friends who are pregnant for the first time and I was having a conversation with one the other day. I realized that half the stuff I was talking about, I had posted about on here at one point. I decided to put together a little go-to list. The thing to keep in mind with all of it is that this is all from my experience and my experience. That'll look different for everyone, but I took from other mom's experiences & perspectives to piece together what worked for me, so take what works for you & leave the rest!

Baby Stuff I Can't Live Without (while you're registering!)
My Top 10 Pregnancy Tips
Isis' Big Debut (Birth Story)
General Info & Baby Sleep Books
Parenting Books

Coming Home
What's Been Surprising (then I thought of one more)
 The Hard Stuff (a post written in the middle of my baby blues weeks)
5 Ways to Calm Those Baby Fears
New Mom Tips
I did a New Mom Tips series with guest posts from other bloggers
Post-Partum Hair Loss, Stretch Marks & More
14 Steps to an Easy Baby

Top 5 Breastfeeding Tips
A Breastfeeding Update (great overview of what breastfeeding was like at each stage)
Sickness (mastitis)

Cloth Diapers
How to Easily Use Cloth Diapers
A Dad's Perspective on Cloth Diapers
Grobaby to GroVia (has a great video of the GroVia diapers)

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