Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 Baby items I want this time around

Luckily, having baby #2 has many perks, including the fact that we have most baby items we need! I kept a running list in my head of things I wish I had with Isis or things I would've used a lot. I made a wish list of things I'd like this time!

1. Glider
I sat on our futon in Isis' bedroom when I would nurse her. I wish it had rocked or moved in any way. I would love a glider to go in the baby's bedroom this time!

2. Jumper
We had something that was more like an exersaucer with Isis. She couldn't bounce like she could in a jumperoo like this. Every time we would go to someone's house who had one of these, she loved it! It would be fun to have this time.
3. Baby Bullet
We had a Beaba Babycook from Williams-Sonoma with Isis. I still have it, and I did like it and would be okay with using it again, but I have to say I would really love a Baby Bullet! And they are way cheaper than a Beaba. Wish they had those when Isis was born.
Order: Baby Bullet

4. Dria Nursing Cover
I had several kinds of nursing covers with Isis. None of them were as fabulous as the Dria nursing cover seems to be! My mom and I are trying to make our own right now. Watch the video on the website and just try to tell me that you wouldn't find that totally helpful when you're nursing! I love that it covers the front and the back, that it's really stretchy & that it can be used for other things.
Order: Dria Cover
5. Breathable Mesh Crib Liner
These things look really cool! I am personally in favor of bumper pads because they keep baby legs from going through crib slats and they keep pacifiers and other items inside the crib. Isis' bumper pads were thin enough that I never worried about suffocation or her using them to climb up the crib. But this mesh crib liner accomplishes everything I like about bumper pads without actually being a bumper pad. Nice.


Jennifer said...

That one may be different from the one my mom has but she has one of the breathable bumper pads and i hate it. It doesn't stay up and it just looks really cheap on the crib.... And there is absolutely no padding. Kayden is one that likes to sleep with his head smashed up against the side of the crib and his poor head would be a huge bruise with that thing. I totally understand it with the really little ones when worried about suffocation but once that fear is gone, I'm not a huge fan. It has it's ups and downs just like everything.
Glider- YES!! We have one upstairs in kaydens room that I still use for him and we are getting a second one with baby number two for his room. I can't even think about not having one in both, I love them!!

MrsOgg said...

Did you ever make the dria?? I would love to hear any ideas you have for making it. Thanks!

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