Saturday, April 21, 2012

Straight Up Stats

11 weeks (almost a month ago)
I realized the other day that I have a hard time remembering all the details of my pregnancy with Isis. I looked back on my blog to see how much of it I chronicled & I just didn't keep up with much. I felt like I needed to somehow record the things I do remember and what is happening this time.

Isis - It took us 8 months to get pregnant. I was nervous about whether or not we'd be able to get pregnant toward the end, but then it finally happened.
Baby #2 - We got pregnant the 2nd month we tried. It was actually really surprising because after the experience with Isis, I had planned for it to take longer, so I was actually expecting to wait more. I'm not complaining, though!

Morning Sickness:
Isis - I had nausea and smell sensitivity from week 6/7 to week 11. I never threw up, but I felt nauseated pretty much the whole time. I still wanted to eat and there were plenty of things that tasted good.
Baby #2 - I had nausea and smell sensitivity on a large scale from week 6 to week 13. Again, I never threw up, but I felt nauseated a lot. I think it was more difficult just because I was working in an elementary school and all the smells there were a little overwhelming. I also had Isis at home, so I couldn't just come home and crash like I did the first time around. All in all though, both pregnancies haven't been too bad.

Isis - With Isis, I mainly just had smells that bothered me, not that I would actually call aversions. I could still be around them, I'd just not like it at all. The main ones were gold or bronze metal jewelry, the orange dial soap and Lew's hair gel.
Baby #2 - I have had lots of smell sensitivity, but only 1 actual aversion. Uncooked onions - and even sometimes cooked onions - push me completely to the edge. At one point I was in the produce section at Kroger and had to actually leave my cart and go to the car because I thought I was going to get sick right there in the middle of the produce section. This is very disappointing, considering I'm an onion person. I like onions on my sandwiches, my burgers, in my salsa, etc. It's actually been an inconvenience and an annoyance.

Isis - I think I gained around 6 pounds in my first trimester with Isis. I actually wanted to eat and I didn't go overboard, because my total weight gain for the whole pregnancy hit 30 pounds right at 39 weeks, but I did gain some weight in the beginning.
Baby #2 - Combine my nausea with my smell sensitivity and I guess I just lost my appetite. I had a hard time finding foods that tasted good or sounded good to me at all. I focused on trying to get protein in my diet, but it was hard. I actually lost 3 pounds and then gained it back at the end of the first trimester, for a total of 0 pounds gained. Now I'm about 2 weeks into my 2nd trimester and I've gained about a pound. My appetite is coming back, though, so I'm ready for that number to go up! LOL.

Isis - I was about 14 weeks when I started showing a hint of a bump. I was about 20 weeks before I actually looked pregnant and not like I'd eaten a big burger.
Baby #2 - I was about 11 weeks when I started showing a hint of a bump. Now I'm at about 14 1/2 weeks and I look about like I did at 18 or 19 weeks with Isis. I feel like I'm about 3 weeks ahead right now from where I was with Isis. They say that everything just knows where to go with the 2nd pregnancy & I'm definitely finding that to be true!
Isis - I hadn't eaten red meat for almost a year before getting pregnant with Isis and I just remember I wanted a burger pretty quickly with her. I also wanted bananas.
Baby #2 - I've craved Gold Star Chili (gross, I know), burgers and McDonald's coke and fries. I also majorly want Sour Punch Straws. I need to work on healthier cravings! Luckily I'm not giving in to all of them very often...except the sour punch straws...

That's about it right now! I'll check back in a few weeks.

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