Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Jewelry

Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 13. It's fun to have a holiday that is still new to me to get excited about! I've been looking around at cute gift ideas and thought I'd share a few!

Custom Bird Bracelet 
I like the idea that this one can have as many initials added as you want.

Bird Initial Necklace
I love love love this one! It's probably  my favorite one, but it looks like it can only have 2 initials. That's fine for me right now, but when I have baby #3 one day, I'll have to find something else! Although, here's another Etsy seller who has one with 3, they just don't have the initials? (Mama Bird & Babies)

Family Bird Necklace
This one is super cute, too. Can you tell I love the birds?

My Baby Birds Bracelet
This is so cute and simple. And you can get as many birds as you want to start and then purchase additional ones later as you have more baby birds!

Family Tree Necklace
Getting out of the bird theme, this one is a tree!

Antique Brass Birds Nest
This one isn't personalized, but I like the idea of 3 little eggs for 3 kids.

Initial Bird Bracelet
This one looks like the necklace I like, but it's a bracelet.

Silver Fingerprint Necklace
This one is a little more expensive, but also a little more personalized. You get your child's actual fingerprint and send it in to have them make the necklace. That's really cute.

Vintage Frames Necklace
Lisa Leonard Designs
$46.00 + $14.00 for additional charms
Again super cute. Not an Etsy seller, though, so a little more expensive.

Family Tree Necklace
Lisa Leonard Designs
A little more expensive, but super cute!

Create Your Own Necklace
Price varies
You can choose your chain, your charms, your letters, everything! I think this could be really cute. When I price mine, it's about $136 for a silver one and $160 for a gold one. So this can be expensive! But it's nice picking all the different parts and putting it together.

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Mama Smors said...

I love all the bird jewelry too!! An assistant at Wilmore made me the 2 bird necklace.... I told her I will need more birdies one day!! :) Hope you get something special this mother's day!

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