Saturday, March 31, 2012

I am not a sports person, but...

I am not a sports person. I watch the Olympics every other year. That's usually about the extent of anything sports-related for me. Although, every year, there is the possibility that I could jump on a very huge bandwagon that comes through my city every March. I'm always late to the party, and I suffer the ridicule of all my friends.

But this year, I find myself strangely excited about the UK vs Louisville game tonight. See, I live near Lexington and I went to UK. Literally almost every person I know freaks out about every single UK game. You don't know sports fans if you haven't been to Lexington, KY in March. It's insane.

So alas, I will be watching the NCAA tournament game tonight. And if they win, I'll watch the championship game. Now, many people, including myself, believe that I can be bad luck, since I rarely ever watch a game and usually when I do, they lose. But I secretly watched the UK vs. Indiana game last week and we still won, so I feel okay now about watching the game tonight.

I just felt like this was a milestone I needed to share, because it really is rare for me to get excited about sports games. I really don't even claim to be a UK fan. I like UK. I always hope they win. But I'm not a fan like the fans I know around here. It's more that if you live around here and you don't watch the games at this caliber, you're really making a concerted effort to avoid it. So I'm giving in.

Go  Big Blue!
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