Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby Makes FOUR!!

Due date: October 17
Looks like Isis will become a big sister in October!! I've been waiting 4 weeks to share & I'm so excited to finally let everybody know! As this blog serves as a sort of virtual scrapbook or journal of my pregnancy/baby stuff, I feel like I want to remember some of the stuff from the last few weeks!

First of all, after trying for 8 months to conceive Isis, it was a SHOCK, to say the least, when it happened right away! I don't think I really believed it until we went to the midwife's office for blood work the week after I got a positive test. I have to say one of my absolute favorite things about my midwife is the fact that she's just very proactive about staying on top of things. She said to come on in to check blood work and hormone levels and everything. She also said that since you can see a heartbeat at 7-8 weeks, that I didn't need to wait until 10 weeks or more for my first ultrasound.

That means that yesterday afternoon, we got to see and hear our little blueberry's heartbeat! 160 bpm! Perfect little thing in there! The midwife said it was safe to tell everybody, even though I'm only 8 weeks. So I'm very excited!!

Lewis was almost more excited than I was at first because I think he really believed it was real before I did. I was just shocked that it happened so fast! He's the one who has been calling it a little blueberry because I told him the other day that it's the size of a blueberry right now. 

We keep telling Isis she's going to be a big sister & she will say to people now "big sister" but I don't think she really gets it. But as my belly gets bigger & she gets older throughout the year, I know she will! 

Most things are the same this time as they were with Isis. I have the same dull nausea constantly, but not bad enough that I actually do anything. I've felt light-headed when I don't eat. Smell sensitivity is crazy. I'm breaking out a little and I'm having vivid dreams.

Major differences: I'm working in an elementary school, therefore the smell sensitivity is bombarded constantly with funky smells. One student in my class threw up the other day & I about lost it. I normally handle that pretty well, but mix it with pregnancy & it was rough. I also have actual food aversions this time, which I didn't with Isis. The big aversion: uncooked onions. OH. MY. GOODNESS. It's out of control. I went to the grocery the other day & walked past the onions in the produce section and literally had to leave the grocery 5 minutes later because I was sweating & about to throw up in the store. That's just crazy. I also have a major loss of appetite. I didn't have that problem with Isis. I think I gained a few pounds within the first trimester. This time, I've lost a few pounds. I've been told to EAT. Working on that.

Other than that, things are about the same! My prediction: it's a girl. We'll find out on May 29!!!
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