Thursday, January 5, 2012

2 Year Old

I cannot believe she is 2 years old already!!

General Stats: Weight - 27 lbs, Height - 34.25 inches

Movement: This girl is obviously on the move. She runs, jumps, climbs the stairs, walks down the stairs when she's holding our hand and obviously walks everywhere. We're having some issues keeping her in the stroller or shopping cart sometimes. She just wants to walk, but she can't quite keep up, so on a quick shopping trip it can be difficult.

Food: She still eats pretty much everything. She's started trying to resist vegetables lately, but we can usually get her to eat some at dinner. She loves peanut butter & jelly sandwiches or pretty much anything with peanut butter. She loves to dip things. She dips chicken in A1 or honey mustard or ketchup. Most things if she's not wanting to eat it, we can offer something to dip it in & she'll start eating it. She's eaten some really weird stuff dipped in A1. She also likes spicy foods! It's the strangest thing! She loves salsa, even homemade salsa with jalapenos! We went to Chuy's the other day and she even ate their creamy jalapeno dip! She loves potato soup & tortilla soup & turkey sandwiches with mustard. Her favorite fruit is bananas & her favorite vegetable is broccoli.

Teeth: This really isn't a big topic for 2 years old, but seeing how I missed her 18 month post, I think it's important to say that she now has all her teeth and I guess all we have left are those 2 year molars! We're also wanting to take her to the dentist soon. Lewis is a major healthy teeth fanatic, so he's been ready since the appearance of tooth #1!

Talking: Wow this girl has erupted with conversation! Over Christmas break I noticed a major change! She's been putting words together for a while now, but it's still really fun when she comes out with a sentence. The other day I hit my arm on the cabinet in the kitchen & as I was going "ow ow ow" I hear her in the living room go, "What happened, Mama?" It was so cute & the first time that she really expressed interest in reacting to something like that in a sentence. She says "thank you" to anyone who gives her anything. We've also taught her to say "I'm sorry" before she gets up from time out. Now she says "I'm sorry" any time that she bumps into anyone or anything. I definitely think we understand about half of what she says. The majority of the time she can pretty easily communicate with us through words, even if me & Lewis are the only ones who know what words she is saying. Haha no matter what, this is a super fun stage with the talking! My favorite is when she says "I love you!"

Sleep: She is still taking 1 nap a day and sleeping all night. She goes to bed around 7:30pm and wakes up around 7:00am. She naps from noon to 2 or so. The big milestone we've reached with the sleep is that she is now sleeping in a big girl bed!!! Lewis' parents gave us their queen size mattress and we put it on the floor in her bedroom. She slept in it for the first time the night before she turned 2! We are now 5 nights in & it's been incredibly successful! She sleeps well and she stays in her bed until you come get her in the morning. She hasn't napped in the big bed yet, but I'm hoping it'll be just as great!

Potty Training: She hasn't potty trained yet. She will go sometimes. It's not consistent at all yet. She will tell us right after she's gone, though. That's good. She has peed on the potty a lot of times, but has yet to poop on it. We're just waiting for her to instigate this right now. I feel like she is still early with this, so I'm not worried about it.

Discipline: This is the newest category that I feel like I need to add to these updates. We started doing time out around 21 months. I started doing it because she was hitting and I felt like that was a concrete thing she could do that would result in her being put in time out. I didn't do it for just whining or something more abstract where she wouldn't exactly understand why she was being put in time out. Now that it's been a few months, we can do time out for anything and she gets it. It usually takes just threatening time out once and she will change her behavior. (I never threaten more than once - I just put her in time out after the first threat if she continues whatever it is.) I also have been using positive and negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement being that I praise her or reward her for behaviors she is doing that I want her to do. Negative reinforcement being that I take away something she wants immediately when she does a behavior I don't want her to do. For example, she has a little animal blanket that she has with her the majority of the time as a lovey. If we are out & she is fussing, I will immediately take the blanket away until she stops. I usually say "No fussing, okay?" and when she says "Okay" and stops fussing, I give it back. That lovey has been incredibly useful as a reinforcement tool!! We are trying to focus on being intentional and consistent. That's pretty much our parenting mantra in everything.

Milestones: She uses the pronoun "me" even though she doesn't exactly use it correctly. She usually says "to me" for everything. She will say "eat to me" when she wants you to feed her. She says "bath to me" when she wants you to take her upstairs for a bath. It's really funny actually, but she does get that she's telling you something she wants you to do for her. She is constantly asking "what is that?" And she can count to 10 with help. Usually you can go back and forth with her doing every other number and she knows them all to 10. You can start at 1 or get her to start at 1 and she will do it either way. She always will say "1, 2, 3" or "8, 9, 10." She knows the color orange. I'm not sure why that one stuck out over the others, but it's the only color she references right now. She mimics everything! She was watching tv the other day and they were making funny faces and she made her own funny face. She makes a sad face if you ask her to and then will make a happy face. Her personality and sense of humor is really starting to come out. She'll try to scare you and sneak up on you and she will pretend to be sad and then all of a sudden burst out with this big smile to try to get you to laugh. She love love loves to sing! She sings Twinkle Twinkle, You Are My Sunshine, Head & Shoulders, Jesus Loves Me, Itsy Bitsy Spider & the ABC's. It's probably my favorite thing right now when she sings. She also says prayers with you before a meal and before bed. It's really cute. She will bow her head and then say "amen" when you're done. She got her first haircut at the beginning of December! She differentiates between hot and cold. She has to blow on anything that is hot. She tells you to "shhh" all the time, especially if you're talking during one of the Yo Gabba Gabba episodes she's allowed to watch during the day. She can watch 1 on a week day and 2 on a weekend.

She is just really fun & I am loving this stage!!! Every stage really is better than the one before!

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Amy said...

Amazing! Happy Birthday Isis! Great job, mama! I hope you are well, Cameron. I'm sorry I haven't stopped by lately. I'll be back more often. ::hugs::

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