Saturday, November 19, 2011

We're Moving!

We bought a house!!

Well, we're under contract for a house. We close on December 16, just in time for Christmas! I feel like things are moving fast in my life and I'm excited! School is going great! I absolutely love my job, my school, the teachers I'm working with, all the people working with me on my KTIP intern year, everything! I just feel like things are finally getting into a good flow. So, we decided it was time to buy another house! Since it'll be time for baby #2 in the near future, we knew we needed more room and with the market being what it is and mortgage rates being what they are, we just decided to go for it! 

We found a beautiful house that is perfect for us and for our ultimately complete family! 4 bedrooms, a 5th bonus room with a big closet! 2.5 bathrooms, beautiful kitchen, dining room so we can entertain or host holidays at our house, LOTS of closet space! It has a backyard that even comes with a wooden play set with a slide!! Imagine the excitement on Isis' face when she saw that slide in our backyard! We're through the inspections, so everything is good to go! We also have a wonderful renter for our townhouse!

But suddenly I find myself more emotional than I ever thought I would be about leaving our current house. Our cute little townhouse has been perfect for us the last 4 years! It was the first house we ever purchased. It was where we put up our first Christmas tree. It was where we brought Isis home from the hospital. It is where Isis learned to crawl and walk and dance and jump! Isis had her first Christmas here. I've laughed here and cried here. I've loved it and I've hated it at times. But it's been mine, it's been ours. I keep finding myself going back to Stay Forever Sunday and thinking of her tagline..."We loved here." I wish I could somehow leave my mark forever on this house to just say "I was here. We were here. There are so many memories here."

I also think about this new house. It has everything we need to raise our family there. The bedrooms are huge! Big enough for teenagers. We will raise three children in that house (hopefully). We will have Christmases and birthdays and anniversaries there. Our kids can play in the backyard! (We don't have a backyard in our townhouse.) I will laugh there and love there, too. It made me emotional when I first walked into the house. We knew immediately it was ours. I could picture where the Christmas tree would go and where I would set up the birthday cake for parties. I could see the cribs in the rooms as we add more babies to the family. I could see Isis playing with her siblings and I could see us taking walks down the street, going to the park around the corner! I'm excited about possibility, about growth.

I guess, just like any new chapter in our lives, it's tough to say goodbye to where I've been, but I'm excited about where we are about to go!

Expect more pictures when we move in!!

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