Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tantrum Time!

(In a non-tantrum moment)
We've reached that stage. Tantrum stage. What a hot mess.

She's wonderful at the babysitter. The babysitter always comments on how laid-back and calm Isis is.
She's wonderful around other people. If she's entertained or playing, she's just a perfect angel.
But get her at home, with mom & dad, when something happens that she doesn't like or doesn't want, this crazy little monster erupts from my child. She'll scream & cry & throw herself back on the floor! She hits things or one of us. She pitches an absolute fit! 

I've been talking to people & reading about ways to handle this. We have chosen the "no" and ignore route. I say "no fussing" really firm and ask her to "use her words." Sometimes she just needs help and she knows how to say "help." Sometimes she wants something, so I tell her the word and try to get her to do the sign language for "please" or try to get her to point. But if she continues the fit, I ignore and walk away. What's really funny is sometimes she follows me around crying and I just go about my business, pretending she's not there. As soon as she stops crying, I turn around, really happy and smiley and go "well there's my sweet girl!" and we figure out what she needs by pointing or with words. 

It seems to be working pretty well so far. Her fits are very short if I do that. I'm trying not to give any attention if she continues a fit. The thing that gets frustrating is when she'll have several short ones in a row, like last night. I ended up walking away or ignoring her half the night. I know we can factor in being tired and keep in mind the fact that Lewis and I don't cater to her every desire when she's home and wants something. We play with her & laugh & play games & all kinds of things, but we also need to clean up the kitchen after dinner and I need to do laundry and she needs to know how to play by herself sometimes.

I guess I just needed to share. As well as ask for tips or advice or just hear any great stories you have of your children throwing tantrums! Last night I texted my friend Diana because I just needed someone to say "oh you're not alone in that." Anybody else have trouble with a tantrum stage right before or around 2 years old? I'm assuming someone has because they don't call it the Terrible Two's for nothing. I just feel like it's hit my house a couple months early. I look forward to when she can articulate more. Right now I feel like her limited vocabulary (which is getting larger every day - we're at about 40 words consistently right now) is making it frustrating for all of us. She has stuff to say but she can't use the words that we understand to say it to us. Fun.

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