Monday, August 8, 2011

New Baby!!

I have mentioned my best friend Diana several times now on this blog. She's a big deal in my life. I don't know what I would do without her. So it was a really big deal when she finally had her THIRD baby girl early Sunday morning! I was so blessed to be a part of that experience for her! She texted me right before 2am to tell me that she thought she was in labor & that I needed to come to their house. We all immediately left for the hospital right after I got there & she had the baby at 4am!

She wanted to have a natural birth like I did with Isis and she did it!! I'm telling you, she is a warrior and it was absolutely amazing because it was the first time I've ever been in the room for a birth that wasn't my own. I must say, women are amazing. I don't care how you give birth or by what means the baby ends up here, women are still just flat out amazing and to say any different would be crazy.

I am so proud of her and so excited for this new stage in her life and the life of her family! Three girls!! What fun!!

Diana & Penelope Iris!
We'll call her Penny!

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The Planet Pink said...

Being a part of someone's birth is an awesome experience! I'm so excited you got do that! Congratulations to your friend and family!

Amy said...

Such fun little friends for Isis! Congrats to your friend!

vanita said...

Congrats to her! and by the way, ya freaked me out. I was wondering when you were pregnant and i didn't come across it. lol

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