Sunday, July 3, 2011


My friends have a beautiful lake house & we've visited before, but yesterday was our first time where Isis was old enough to appreciate where she was & get excited about a ride on the lake! It was so fun!!

She loved playing on the big porch & looking out at the water!

We found her a little life vest to wear when she went down on the dock! 

She wasn't crazy about the life vest, but she loved putting her feet in the water off the back of the boat!

But then we found a better life vest swimsuit that she borrowed from her friend Reese! Now she was ready to go for a ride on the water!

She LOVED being out on the water! I think we'll have to make it a more regular thing to go visit the lake! 

Hope everyone is having a fun-filled 4th of July weekend!!!

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1 comment:

Mama Smors said...

Love the picture of Isis sitting in the chair!

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