Saturday, July 9, 2011

Are you a Teacher??

(My empty classroom, ready for me to set up!!)

Hello, readers. I have been diligently (read: obsessively) researching and planning things for my classroom! If you don't know already, I was recently hired to my first teaching position in 4th grade! School starts August 10 and I'm going in on Tuesdays and Fridays right now to set up my classroom! It is a little overwhelming to come in and set up for the first year! But at the same time, it's exciting because it's like a blank slate! I can start fresh!

So here's where you come in. I know that many of the people I follow are teachers, but I'm wondering if anyone who follows me is a teacher. I have questions and am looking for ideas and what I've loved so much about this blog so far is the community and the people I've met! I feel comfortable asking questions to you all! (Feel special.)

So are you a teacher??
I'd love to chat!

In the meantime, if you are not already on Pinterest (or if you are), come check it out! I'll send you an invite if you need one! But I've got a Kids board, a classroom board, a home board, and several others! I am absolutely LOVING finding great ideas on there!!

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JIll said...


I have been following your blog for quit some time now. I have been in and out of the bloggy world though so I have not spoke up much at all. But I love to see a new teacher's love for teaching and the excitement of getting the year started. I am a teacher myself, although I am currently on a leave of absense to care for my two boys. Before taking leave I had been teaching for 9 years. I have taught 5th, 3rd and 1st grades as well as work as a resource teacher. I would be happy to help out in anyway. Good luck with your first year.

A Little R&R said...

I am - not in a traditional sense. I tutor privately from my home. I tutor Croatians wanting to learn English and also give piano/voice lessons. I am on a break right now for the summer, and am not sure what to do about fall yet, since I'll be close to my due date. But after my "maternity break" I plan to start heavily advertising "Skype lessons". It's an idea I got earlier this year.

I have always loved teaching and either worked as a Sunday school teacher at church, daycare/preschool one time I owned my own music studio. It's something I always played as a child...I suppose it's just deep down in me to teach somebody something. :)

Congrats on the position!!! You have such an awesome opportunity to make a difference in children's lives!

E. Hurst said...

I haven't been in the classroom for 2 years, but the best non-content advice someone gave me was to decorate your room in a non-detailed way. So many teachers spend a good bulk of time decorating and re-decorating for the seasons. Pick a theme or color scheme and just do it with that (so not Halloween or Valentine's Day).

Also, incorporate student work as much as possible in your displays. They are obsessed with looking at their own work on the wall or door.

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