Wednesday, April 6, 2011

15 Months!

How beautiful is my 15 month old?? She's growing up too fast!

General Stats:Weight - 22 lbs, Height - 30 inches

Movement: She is finally walking!!! She took her first steps at 13 months, but didn't start getting really interested in walking until about 14 months. Now that she's 15 months, she can finally walk on her own! She's still a little wobbly at times, but she has stopped crawling. She only crawls now maybe once or twice a day! Other than that, she's walking everywhere!! She also prefers to hold your hands and walk up the stairs - no more crawling there either. She can get off the couch by herself, but she can't get up on it yet. 

Food: Still eating anything & everything, with the exception of eggs & pasta sometimes. She also isn't crazy about red meat. We finally offered it to her for the first time about a month ago & she just didn't eat much of it. Not sure if she actually doesn't like it or if her teeth just aren't there yet to help her eat it. Either way, we focus on veggies, fruit and some chicken or turkey at times. We recently discovered that she loves A1 sauce! She will eat anything if you put A1 on it. She also eats spinach  now pretty regularly as a side dish. She also likes zucchini & carrots!! Those are her newest discoveries in taste! She still loves drinking her milk & we're back to just water, no juice. 

Teeth: She still has the 4 teeth on top & 3 teeth on bottom, but she currently has 4 molars coming in - actually through the gums & everything. It's been rough at our house for a little while. She wakes up at night if we don't give her Tylenol & she's constantly got her fingers in her mouth - not her thumb, it's like she's pushing on all the teeth coming in. That must be so miserable!! I can't imagine those big teeth pushing up through your gums. Poor thing! And 4 at once!! Wow!

Talking: She still says everything I've mentioned before: mama, dada, baba, book, hi, bye, ow, uh oh, etc. She now says "thank you" appropriately, which we didn't even try to teach her. We just say thank you a lot. It sounds more like "tank oo" but she says it whenever you hand her something! It's really cute! She's still babbling away all the time! She's also started trying to imitate what you say. I said "bathroom" today and she goes "ba-room." So I think it's neat that she's catching certain sounds & being able to repeat them! But my favorite things that she does now is say "night night" after you sing to her and before you lay her in the crib and she says "I love you!!" Again, it sounds like "lub oo" but today she gave me a big hug & goes "lub oo mama." I seriously almost burst into tears.

Sleep: We have effectively dropped to 1 nap! She now sleeps about 11.5-12 hours at night and about 2 hrs for a nap everyday! 

Milestones: She can stack up to 4 blocks. She pushes and pulls things when she walks. She puts lids on containers. She loves to play with pots & pans. She stirs things & then puts the lid on the pans. She also blows on her food if it's hot. She can roll a ball and she likes to throw this little ball on the ground and watch it roll. She holds out her arms and legs to help you when she's getting dressed. She makes us kiss her blanket after we kiss her at night. She's been imitating us consistently for months now, but I don't think I've mentioned that before. She can point to her head, eyes, nose, mouth, belly button and toes when asked to, but she'll only do it if she's in the mood. She still loves playing peekaboo! She's starting to get really interested in using a spoon, but she can't really get anything onto the spoon yet. She likes to stick it in things & then put it in her mouth. We're working on that with her now! And HUGS!! She gives these big bear hugs now & it is enough to make the hardest person just melt!! Oh my gosh I love this age!

Potty Training: Now, no I'm not potty training my 15 month old, but I thought it would be interesting to track how she develops in this area. As of today, she tells you when she has pooped. She will even come get you and say "poo poo." She also tries to take her diaper off whenever she has peed. That's not my favorite, but at least I know that she can feel that she's wet & she wants to be dry. They say that cloth diapering can lead to babies being potty trained early, so I'm seeing signs that point to that coming one day, but not quite yet. She also has started going a couple of hours without peeing. She doesn't wet a diaper usually during her nap. But she's still soaking one at night. Although, I think a lot of kids potty train during the day & still wear a diaper at night for a while, so she'll probably be one of those! Either way, she's showing signs of understanding when she's going and when she needs to be changed.

So clearly we are happy, healthy & thriving! I feel like she starts doing new things every day!! Can't wait to see how the next couple of months go!!

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Gretchen said...

Love these updates! She is beautiful :)

I just wrote Jemma's 6 month one and I know she'll be 15 months before I know it!

Amy said...

Such a big girl! Love her! I think she's starting to look more like you, Cameron.

flyrish said...

Happy 15 month day to Isis! She is such a beauty. And it sounds like she's doing great.

JoJo said...

Wow she really has gotten so big and beautiful!

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

She's doing so well! And cuter than ever. Seriously cute. I can't believe she's saying "love you"!!!! I'm totally jealous! Levi's saying lots more words now, but still never says Mama! it's driving me nuts. He used to call both of us by name... and just doesn't any more. Of course he says other much more "important words" like guitar and cracker and water and ball... but not his own parents names! Rascal!! :) I think it's really cool that she is so aware of her poos. Levi could care less. He'd go all day in a pooey nappy if I let him. Even in cloth diapers! Who knows how potty training will go when it's time. He doesn't seem the slightest bit interested or aware! Levi has the same # of teeth and has for months. He's been teething on and off for ages though so it must be the molars?? I can't see anything in there though. Not gonna lie, I won't miss teething when it's over!! Levi gets a BRUTAL diaper rash and his naps get messed up on top of the crying/whining/increased tantrums while teething. Not fun. I just want those suckers to hurry up and come through!! He's also not really liking veggies these days. It's really frustrating. The only way I can get him to eat them is by giving him veggie baby food in the squeezies. He just won't seem to eat them when we cook them. He is getting so opinionated and independent! About everything! My favorite thing is the hugs too... it feels so amazing to not just have those little arms around you, but to have those little arms *squeezing* you tightly. LOVE. Sorry for the long comment. I guess I should have just emailed you. Oh and one unrelated question, what is your routine for cloth diaper stripping??

Jill said...

She's gorgeous!

Kenda said...

Following from PicketFenceBlogs - hope you'll come by and say hello!

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