Friday, March 18, 2011

Technology Milestones

I find it amazing how quickly kids pick up on technology. My friend's 6 year old can play games and things on the computer that I couldn't do in 4th grade! Although, to put things in perspective, the fabulous computer games were just coming out when I was in 4th grade, but still! We let Isis play with our iPhones & our computers sometimes. I thought I'd share a little list of what she can do right now!

  • Unlock an iPhone
  • Scroll through menu screens or pictures on the iPhone
  • Click on apps on the iPhone
  • Hit the home button when she's done scribbling on my Scribble app (or when she wants to get back home from any app or screen)
  • Push the keyboard buttons when it's in the text messages
  • Move a computer mouse around & click buttons
  • She knows that hitting the space bar when watching a YouTube video will pause the video & then hitting it again will start it (she giggles a lot when she does this)
  • Hold the phone to her ear & say "hi!"
  • Hit buttons on the computer keyboard
  • She also smiles for pictures when I hold up my iPhone
  • Points the remote control to the TV & pushes buttons

Crazy. Just wait till she starts playing actual games on the iPhone!

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