Monday, February 28, 2011

Yard Sale List for Summer!

There are several great toys & things I want for Isis in the coming year! Some may be better once she is 2, but there aren't yard sales in January, so I've made a list now to share with my mom & mother-in-law. I am not a big fan of going to yard sales, but I don't mind reaping the benefits on certain items. I won't take just anything from a yard sale, but toys & things like this, I'm all about getting there!! Here's my list this year!

Isis is starting to get more interested in coloring & drawing! At first, she just wanted to stick the crayons & other utensils in her mouth, but now she's gotten interested in coloring with them! We'd love for her to have a little table so she has her own space that is her size to color & draw without worrying about what she gets dirty! I found the one above at Toys R Us. I'd also be happy with a cute little plain table like this one at Ikea! I'm also looking at one on Craigslist!

I'd love for her to have a little kitchen set with all the food pieces & maybe even a shopping cart! I loved stuff like that when I was growing up! Plus we try to make meal times a family thing at our house & get her involved in cooking as much as possible! I love Ikea's kitchen stuff! I love everything in the Duktig series! Or there are lots of great kitchen sets from Toys R Us! I love this Step2 Lifestyle Market Place Kitchen because it combines the regular kitchen set with the shopping stuff! I'd have to get this little shopping cart to go with it.

My friend has a tree swing at her house & Isis loves it!! We don't have a tree to put one in, but our in-laws do & we're hoping we will at our next house. Either way, it'd be great to find one of these tree swings at a yard sale! They seem to be the preferred brand. Every tree swing I see seems to be a Little Tikes!

The last thing I want is some kind of little slide. There are a bunch of different kinds, but my two favorites are the Swing Along Castle Climber because it's got the swing attached or the Toddler Climb & Slide because it's just the slide!

Do you shop at yard sales?
What are you going to be looking for this year??

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Lindsey said...

Those all look so fun. I love the little table and chairs.


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