Friday, January 21, 2011

Letters to my Former Self

I found these ideas on this blog & this blog. I decided to do my own version.

Dear Cameron at 3 years old,

You just became a big sister! Enjoy these next several years because things are going to get crazy one day. Addiction will take a lot of years from your family. Enjoy every moment of simple joys & simple pleasures. Enjoy playing with your brother. Enjoy the birthday hat incident. Love these years. For a lot of reasons, you're going to be looking back at them with nostalgia, wondering where they went.

Dear Cameron at 11 years old,

You just started your first year in private school. It's going to prove a lot different and in some ways a lot more difficult than public school. Try hard not to lose yourself. And if I could give you one major suggestion, don't use sun-in on your hair. Just leave it alone. Also, boys are not that big of a deal. Just leave them alone, too.

Dear Cameron at 14 years old,

The boy you are about to spend the whole year obsessing over is so unbelievably not worth it. Save yourself a lot of time & a lot of tears & just let it go. Really. The guy you end up with blows this one out of the water. Also, the friend you make this year - the one with the headband - she's going to be there for a long time. Take care of each other. Friends like that come around once in a lifetime.

Dear Cameron at 15 years old,

There's some stuff going on in your personal life right now. A lot of stuff that a teenager shouldn't be dealing with. Be calm. Be mature. Talk to somebody. There's a lot of unnecessary pain coming your way that is not your fault. Focus on taking care of your brother. You could maybe bypass some pain in the future if you do. No matter what, you will get through this. You will come out on the other side. And again, the boy you're dating - you think he's the one. He's really really not.

Dear Cameron at 17 years old,

One of your best friends is about to have a baby. Be prepared to stick with her through this. You will for a year or so & then you'll question it because of some drama. Stick it out. She deserves it. You'll regret walking away. Also, the boy you just met at that show, the one that wants to take you on a date in April - he's the one. I know you feel it & you're about to try to fight it because you're 17. Be kind to him. You'll waste a lot of time being stupid until you admit it to yourself. Just go ahead & give in. He's going to save you in so many ways.
Dear Cameron at 18 years old,

Take some time to build yourself back up after the pain of adolescence. You're going to grow up really fast over the next 18 months. Make good decisions. Be sincere, but be firm. You have a right to grow up.

Dear Cameron at 20 years old,

Everything is going to change this year. You're going to get married. Your best friend is going to get married & have a baby. This will be a major turning point in your life and your friendship. Just love these days!

Dear Cameron at 21 years old,

You have the potential to do something incredibly stupid, hurtful & selfish this year. If you do it, you will regret it for the rest of your life, but you will also learn a lot about yourself, about your friends, about your husband and about grace. If you can figure out another way to gain this insight without making such a horrible decision, please do the less hurtful thing. If not, be prepared for the most humbling & painful experience of your life. You're going to be completely broken in order to grow stronger. Cling to the people who love you. Rest in the grace of Christ. But be honest about your struggles, your shortcomings & your mistakes. You are about to learn how to be authentic. You are about to learn how much courage it takes to take ownership of your failures.

Dear Cameron at 24 years old,

You & your husband have decided it's time to try to have a baby. It's going to take a little while, but it's going to happen. Don't let the stress of "trying" ruin the fun of it! :-)

Dear Cameron at 25 years old,

This year is another major turning point. You're going to become a mom & welcome your first beautiful baby girl into the world! Don't stress. Baby blues go away. Enjoy all the little moments. Don't try to rush the year. And don't worry about not student teaching in the Spring. Allow yourself time to heal & time to bond with that baby! Enjoy breastfeeding! You won't get to do it as long as you want, but you'll get to do it for longer than a lot of people! Just enjoy each moment & take each day as it comes. That girl is going to grow so fast! In no time at all, you'll be dreaming of siblings for her & watching her turn into her own little person with attitude & personality all her own! Love that baby girl with all your heart. It'll change you. It'll save you.

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Natalie said...

Cameron! I love this idea and want to do it myself. I've seen this before, but not from such a young age. This is the best I've seen.

If I do it, I'll give you a shout out for the idea :)

Gretchen said...

Love this! I should do it too ... something to add to the "to blog about list" :)

Don't you wish you could send these letters back in time?

Mommyfriend Lori said...

You did such a beautiful job with this. You had me tearing up. What a wonderful way to get to know you better!

Jennifer said...

how stinkin adorable! i was tearing up too! i can't even imagine doing this on myself. i'll probably bawl my eyes out the whole time!!

Cari said...

I really loved this idea, I'm off to visit the other bloggers. It was beautiful....

Cari said...

I really loved this idea, I'm off to visit the other bloggers. It was beautiful....

gabris01 said...

Aww you made me cry..

Amy said...

LOVE this Cameron. Great post!

I did a post sort of like this when I was pregnant!

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