Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birthday Party!

So our lucky girl is going to end up having THREE first birthday parties! I had one at my friend Diana's house with just friends. Then my mom had one with my side of the family and Lewis' mom is going to have one at the end of January with their side of the family! This won't be something we do every year, but it's how it ended up working out this year. Normally, we will just have a party at our house, but right now we are in a townhouse & there's just no way we could fit very many people there.

Our first party was at my friend Diana's house. It was a cupcake themed party!

I made the cupcake liner pom-poms that I found on Melissa from Dear Baby's guest post on The Daily Julie. They turned out really great & I did them in colors similar to Isis' bedroom so that I could hang them over her bed after the party! She LOVES them! Everytime we get her up, she wants to reach up & touch them.

We had a make your own cupcake set-up, so we just had plain cupcakes & then lots of icing, food coloring, sprinkles and candies that could be put on the cupcakes. Everyone made their own in whatever decor they wanted!

Isis loved opening all her presents! She loved this teapot set, but she also got some adorable hats from our friend Hannah (who takes all our fabulous pictures & is our babysitter!), a UK wildcat from my cousin Seth and some great books & teething rings from Lewis' best friend Nathan! Just like Christmas, her favorite was taking the tissue paper out of the bags! I think people had read my blog post about Christmas because everyone purposefully put their gifts in bags!

I think Lewis liked the teapot, too.

She was mesmerized by the flame on the candle!

Then she was actually really dainty with the cupcake! It cracked me up. We expected her to just dig in, but she wanted to pick it apart piece by piece. I even think at one point her little pinky finger was in the air as she did it.

She also kept her little feet crossed the whole time.

She had lots of fun with all her friends that came!

One of the things we did that I didn't actually get a picture of was we asked everyone to write a little note or encouragement to Isis on a notepad that we had. We put them all in her piggy bank. We want to do this each year and then one year we will open her piggy bank together and read all of them! I just want her to see what these people who loved her and shared her birthday had to say! I just think it'll be a great way to remember!

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Amy said...

Ah! Such fun! Isis is such a big girl! That's so sweet that she ate the cupcake so dainty. I love the pom poms you are hanging in her room. That's awesome. Happy Birthday Isis! Well done Mama! You made it a year!

Tat said...

Happy Birthday, Isis!

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

looks like it was a great party... and more celebrations to come. i love how dainty isis was with the cupcake. what a little lady. can't wait to see how levi rips into his... or not. :) but more than likely he'll be a ripper! your decorations look awesome! nice work!!!

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