Monday, October 4, 2010

On the Move

Life is moving so fast.

10 days ago, Isis couldn't pick up a small piece of food & get it into her mouth. She could pick it up, but then she'd drop it continuously in the process to try to get it close to her mouth. She also couldn't fully pull herself up to standing. She was still getting used to crawling. 

10 days ago, I was fairly confident in myself as a teacher. I was still in the beginning of my student teaching experience. I wasn't quite to the point of looking for jobs, but I was excited about the possibility.

Now here we are & Isis started putting food in her mouth one day like it was no big deal - like it had never been a struggle. She pulled herself to standing & now will cruise between the ottoman & the couch. She can crawl across the room quicker than I thought possible. 10 days!!

I am still fairly confident in myself as a teacher, although I went to a seminar where I saw an absolutely fabulous teacher & I was pretty much completely intimidated by where I'm headed in my life. This woman was amazing & I really hope that one day I can teach like that. I am suddenly finding myself in dire need to finish my resume because there is a Kindergarten teaching position available mid-year right now that I could apply for & possibly start in January! It's in the county I want to work in & at a school I would love. If I want any chance of even interviewing, I suddenly need my resume finished & my letters of recommendation & portfolio together ASAP. 

So fast.

It's fall break & I feel the need to slow down, but suddenly realized that there isn't much slowing down anymore. In the midst of everything going on with student teaching & all the work I need to do to prepare to fiinish that as well as apply for jobs, I still desperately need to really clean my house & it's hard to fit that all into nap times because now that Isis is just moving & standing & getting around everywhere, I have to focus constantly. Yes, that was one big run-on sentence (hello 4th grade teacher in me), but that's where I'm at right now.

And you know what...

I'm LOVING it.

This kind of craziness is where I really show what I'm made of. It's always been like that for me. When things start to seem crazy, I bear down & get some junk done! So off I go.

Super Mom is on the move!!!

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Domestic Goddess Mommy said...

Rock on to you, Super Mommy! My youngest is just a few months older than yours, but he's still in the crawling and eating everything off the floor stage! Fast as lightening too! You've inspired me to get off the computer and utilize his nap-time!

vanita said...

WOOHOO! You GO girl, both of you girls! Isis just keeps getting prettier. Natasha is going to be one year old this month, and I can't tell you what a handful she is! Climbing everything! She can hold the furniture and walk and sometimes will walk without holding on, but then she stops, looks around, sees nothing to hold to and plops down on her rump. She'll get over it soon. But now that she can reach everyone's plate, her hand is lightning fast. It's all just so much fun. You have a great time with Isis during your break. No doubt she'll hit a bunch of milestones before break is over. Good luck on getting stuff ready for submission, I'm sure you'll meet your deadline.

Diana said...

Isis is so fashionable! And Cameron, don't you EVER doubt yourself! Super Mom is right. and Super Woman. The next step is always frightening, but just like Isis, one day you will be teaching like it wasn't ever a problem.

Crystal said...

It does happen so fast, especially with the kids! Time definitely seems to speed up the older we get, doesn't it?! I just truly realized last night that I have only a few days over a month before we go home for my sister's wedding (IF we go), and I have to finish Christmas presents I am making with Natalie, I have to fully plan a bridal shower, and make all my plans for our time there- reserve what I need to reserve, etc. Its going to be a crazy month, but first I am stuck in waiting until we know if my husband is getting his leave!!

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

yeah, it happens so fast! crazy!! i love it too though - it's amazing to see. i was reading levi's letters the other day and about when he sat himself up for the first time from laying down. (i came in to get him after he had been napping and he was sitting up - totally freaked me out!) now, only two months later or whatever and it's so hard to imagine that he hasn't always been doing that. seems like no big deal and i almost laughed at remembering what a big deal it was at the time. but yeah, they change so fast. and crawling is a big one!!! i love it, but it's nuts. that's for sure!!

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