Wednesday, September 15, 2010

YWV...Mommy's PIggy Tales #12

Age 15 or 10th Grade

Sophomore year will always be important to me for two reasons. One is that I had my first "real" boyfriend (who was NOT the guy in the picture above - he was just a friend) - although real at that point in my life felt a lot different than real did when I started dating Lewis. Immaturity & hormones just don't mix well. I thought I was in love, but really I was just giddy to have a boy that actually really liked me & who I liked back! It didn't last long, but I didn't end up really dating anyone else until later in my Senior year. I was just over it. Not interested. I got really upset when we broke up & I just didn't want to do that again.

The other important thing about this year is that it was the year we started my Bible study that lasted through high school & some of college. We called ourselves "Young Women of Virtue" because we were cute like that, but it got shortened to YWV because nobody can say that mouthful everytime you talk about it. This group stuck together through a lot of junk. I posted more about all of us before, so you should read that

Those are really my two main memories of this year. I'm catching up with Mommy's Piggy Tales!

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Liz said...

So I came over thinking I was going to read about wearing pig tails. :) Ha! I put my girls in them often (and on myself sometimes as well).

Janna said...

Ya, one break up and I was done with boyfriends for a while to:)

Your YWV group sounds neat! How great that you stayed together for so long.

Crystal said...

I love that idea of a bible study group! I hope my own daughter has close friends like that to rely on and look to throughout some of those rough years of transitioning from a teen to an adult! I wish I had. I have very close friends, but nothing really like what it seems you did! That is so great though!

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