Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Best Friends...Mommy's Piggy Tales

Age 16 or 11th Grade

I got my license!!!!!!! This was the year that I really started to feel like I was growing up! I think being able to drive does that to you. This was also when I had close friends & lots of people that I trusted & spent a lot of time with. Me & Diana were hanging out all the time. We carpooled to school together because her vehicle was cooler than mine. My other best friend actually had a baby this year. That was interesting considering we went to a private Christian high school. You can probably imagine that it didn't go over well there, but I look back on that whole time with such admiration & respect for her. She worked so hard in school & at home. We still keep in touch & I actually told her just a couple months ago that I had no idea how she did all of that & made it look so easy because I about fell apart the first few weeks with Isis & I was 25 with a husband! I still think she's amazing.

This was the first year I went to prom. That wasn't the best story. I actually did have a boyfriend for a little while my junior year (whoops I forgot about him until I was writing this) & we broke up because we just both knew it wasn't right for us. We weren't upset with each other or anything, so I assumed that we would still go to prom together like we had talked about, just as friends. Well I found out about 2 weeks before prom that we were not actually going together & I was dateless. I ended up taking my friend who had just had the baby because she needed a fun girls night & I knew she wanted to get out & see everybody from school. Diana & other friends ended up loaning me their boyfriends to dance with throughout the night. That was fun, but rather pathetic at the same time. Oh well.

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JoJo said...

Cute story. So annoying about being dateless, but at least you had a fun time and can look back and smile!

Lindsey said...

What fun great memories! I also graduated from a Christian high school and have many date stories that I could share, lol some not so great LOL My favorite memories were being on Homecoming court as queen candidate, didn't win though booo LOL though my good friends were the winners, which the HC King was killed in a car accident in 1999, few months after I was married, so sad.


Crystal said...

Well it sounds like you still had fun, date or no date! I understand though, I always felt pretty pathetic going to dances alone, one time my friend even asked a guy to take pictures with me, so I didn't have to alone. I knew him from class but we weren't friends really, he was nice, but I look at those photos now and think, why? I may as well have been alone because I don't feel any better looking back at ones with just some guy!
Crazy years!

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