Tuesday, September 14, 2010

8 Questions!

I normally don't do these things, but Gina tagged me in this one & I love Gina, so I decided to do it!

1. You're wearing a button down blouse and in the middle of a conversation with a man, the top button pops off, bearing your cleavage. What do you do?
Just cleavage & no nip or anything? I probably wouldn't do much of anything except fix the button before wearing it again.

2. At a gas station, wearing a really cute skirt, a sudden gust of wind comes up, you're not wearing underpants. You know the men got their eyes full, are you embarrassed or proudly look at them and smile like nothing happened?
Now this would probably make me freak out & cry or something.

3. Pretend there is no such thing as bad food, meaning it doesn't contribute to any negative weight gain or health risks. What would you pleasure and delight yourself with the most?
Mexican food, pasta, cupcakes, ice cream & Japanese hibachi food!

4. What movie do you remember watching in the past that had such a profound impact on you emotionally, that you thought about it afterwards, for days? Name that movie.
 Legends of the Fall

5. Name one really bad habit you wish you could stop doing?
Leaving candy wrappers laying on the couch or something & not throwing them away

6. Tell a short funny joke that will make us all laugh.
 Knock, knock
Who's there?
Cows who?
No, cows moo!

7. Do you think your toes are pretty or ugly?
Ugly. I hate my feet. They're bony.

8. If money were no concern, what charity would you commit to supporting?
Oh gosh there's so many. Here's 3 off the top of my head: Charity Water, Invisible Children, YWAM (for Adriel!)

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Gina said...

Ahhhh... I love you too! Thank you for being such a good sport. Great answers. Come to think of it I would probably cry if #2 happened to me too. Can you believe those questions? Geesh!
Thanks for playing along. You rock.

Crystal said...

Ha! I would cry to on #2, but I also wouldn't be caught outside of my own home without underwear on!! LOL!

JoJo said...

Great answers. I have the same bad habit!! My husband can't stand it.

Liz said...

What food WOULDN'T I want to eat! :)

I need to tell Kate that cow joke, she'd love it.

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