Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sneeze Pages...31DBBB Day #18

I believe I already have a few sneeze pages. The 31DBBB task today emphasized the importance of sneeze pages to highlight posts on your blog that users may not see on the front page when they visit. I knew of sneeze pages, but I had never thought of some of the specific kinds. 

I love the idea of themed sneeze pages & I plan on doing one on blogging tips, pregnancy posts, cloth diaper posts, etc. I believe having a sneeze page for all my different main themes would be a great thing! I also love the idea of doing a weekly or monthly sneeze page highlighting your best posts from the past time period. I would also like to do a yearly one every year. 

Things like this give new readers a chance to catch up & learn a little more about me & also allows regular readers to just remember some of your great posts - especially on days when what I may be posting is not so great. Some days you're on top of your game & some days you're just not.

Here are links to 2 sneeze-type pages I've done recently: 

What other ideas for sneeze pages do you have?

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