Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ingenue Mom's Key Pages...31DBBB Day #14

I don't usually spend a lot of time thinking about the key pages on my blog. After reading today's task for the 31DBBB, I definitely think this is something I need to keep in mind. Problogger suggests the front page of your blog, the About Me page, Contact page, high traffic pages, recommended reading page & Subscribe page.

I'm pretty happy with my home page. I don't think it's really cluttered & it's got everything on it that I want there. 

I added my tag line to this page. I think the rest of it is okay, but I'd be happy to hear your feedback!
This just has my email address. What else do you have on your contact page??

High Traffic Pages
I added some recommended reading & a link to my Subscribe page at the end of each of these pages.

I updated this with my best recent posts & added a link to my Subscribe page.

I added the links to where you can find me online that I posted the other day!

What are your most popular pages?
How could/did you update them to better serve your blog?

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Melissa said...

Your pages look good! I need to update my About Me page and add some key pages (I'm a wee behind)!

I think you have a great, clean home page. For your contact page, you could add a form if you want. There are lots of plug-ins for it.

Anyway, nice job-- looks like you did a lot of work!
Melissa {from adventuroo}

Cameron said...

Thank you so much!! The form idea is great!! I'm going to start looking for a plug-in!

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