Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Keep Your Sanity as a New Mom

This is a part of a series of guest posts for first time moms that I have put together from a variety of moms with a variety of perspectives. This one is written by Alexes of One Cluttered Brain. Please stop by her blog to read more of her posts. You can also follow One Cluttered Brain on Facebook and Twitter.

I remember being pregnant with my first baby like it was yesterday. She is turning 11 years old next week and I still remember holding her in my arms as a wee baby. I didn't know anything as a new mom. All I knew, is that this baby girl that I held in my arms was mine and that I loved her. I think that is enough to get you through the HARD days. I have put together a few tips for all you "new" moms that will be experiencing the miracle of life in a few months.
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps. (No doubt about this one. Don't try and run around and clean or do dishes or anything like that. Just sleep at first. You will get the hang of this eating/sleeping/diaper changing soon.)
  • Don't fret if you can't breastfeed your baby. (You've tried and you've tried and still nothing will work. Don't feel like a failure. You can still feed your baby formula and believe it or not, the formula will provide nutrition to your child!)
  • Let others help you out during the first few months. (Being a first time mom sometimes it is hard to keep up with everything. Meals brought over to your house by friends sometimes just make your day. And might make your husband's day too, because after a L-O-N-G day at work, I doubt he feels ready to cook dinner for you. Mine didn't. Maybe you married a chef or something.)
  • Learn to say "No." (Sometimes, when we have a new baby, we also can get bombarded with visitors. If you are not feeling up enough for visitors just say so. Don't feel bad. If you and your baby just need a "day" to yourselves then just do it. They can visit tomorrow.)
  • Don't forget your husband. (I know that sometimes this is easy to do when you have a new little one that demands so much of your attention, but remember that he helped to create that bundle of joy you hold in your arms. Let him take care of the baby at times too. 
  • Schedule " Intimacy." (Sometimes after the baby comes sex gets pushed out the window. Don't let it. Your husband is still your sweetheart and he loves you. He needs to feel needed.)
I hope that these tips help you during your first year as a Mom! Oh the joy you have the first day you hold your little one! Don't forget to take lots and lots of pictures!! :)

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Liz said...

the one thing you don't realize about the sleep when the baby only get that chance with baby #1! i didn't do it, and when baby #2 came i thought, "man, i couldn't do it now even if i wanted to! i have a 2 year old to keep up with!"

Lindsey said...

Great post and great tips! As Liz said it, yeah unfortunately you can only sleep when the baby sleeps when you only have one! I remember taking advantage of that. Now that I have three it just got harder after that and sleep was hard to find LOL but I heeded to the other tips mentioned to the T with all my babies! As hard as it can be it sure is worth it, they grow so fast boooo LOL

Jill said...

These are great and SO true!! Let others help!! Yes!!

babypickel said...

What a great compilation you have going here!!!

vanita said...

This is a wonderful post and so darn true! I had trouble with saying no, but got over it fast!

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