Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First-Time Readers...31DBBB Day #17

Have you ever wondered what a first-time reader does when they visit your blog? Today, the 31DBBB task involves finding this out! I went to Twitter to find a new, first-time reader who was involved with the 31DBBB who would be willing to visit my blog & answer some questions related to how they navigate & read things on my blog. Angie at Gnomeangel was the first to reply, although Geek.Girl.Wife. is also going to help me out!!

I learned today that my Best of Me post is incredibly important - as well as my About Me page. I'm happy with my About Me page, but I'm wondering if there are any better ways to do a best-of page. Could I organize them differently? Maybe into categories? Is there any way for you all as readers to know which are the most important? One of the ways I plan on doing this is through themed Sneeze Pages, but come back tomorrow for that.

Overall, I believe that design & ease of use of your page is really important for a first-time reader. Then your main links like About & Best Of probably come next. I would love to get more opinions from first-time readers! If you're here from the 31DBBB & want to answer some questions for me about your experience using my blog, email me!

What did you learn from the first-time reader task?
What ways would you suggest to better organize a Best Of post?
What do you think attracts new readers on your blog?

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1 comment:

Crystal said...

I agree, the about me is the most important part. I know its usually the first thing I look at, other then whatever post it is that drew me in for the first time. I know personally I look to see most importantly if you share my faith and beliefs. I have run across some blogs that I couldn't figure out if they were or weren't Christian, and I am just less likely to want to read someone's blog unless I feel I could trust the content in that way.
Hope this helps some! I enjoy most of your posts a lot, though lately I haven't been into the 31 Days posts you have been doing- though some could probably help me out!

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