Monday, August 2, 2010

Blog Buddies!!...31DBBB Day #15

The 31DBBB task for today involves connecting with blog buddies. These relationships should be mutually beneficial for both bloggers. It helps build community & give you people you can talk to about blogging. It also helps you make each others blogs better. You can give each other tips & grow together. A lot of people try to connect with blogs that are bigger than them, but Problogger makes the point that it's more beneficial to make buddies with people at a similar level as you. This way you can grow & learn together.

I feel really lucky to have several bloggers I would consider buddies! I get emails with tips & ideas on a regular basis! I also really enjoy talking to several of them through my BlogFrog community. Right now I'm most active on my community & my blog buddy Adriel's community! Forums like these are great places to find blog buddies.

Where are you finding blog buddies?
How do you think these relationships help you?

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Amy said...

I joined Adriel and your community too. (Of course, you and I are blog buddies ;-) I'm thinking of making a BlogFrog community of my own as well. We'll see. Being a Southern blog gal, Southern Mommas has been awesome!

Colie's Kitchen said...

Great Idea!!

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