Saturday, August 14, 2010

Birthday Wish List

My 26th birthday is coming up on the 29th!! I am super pumped!! I love getting another year older! I know this enthusiasm will probably die down once I hit 30, but as for right now, I'm enjoying it! Although I don't need gifts, I do have a wish list & since it just happens to be my birthday soon, I thought I'd share!

I would obviously want one from Amazon or eBay because oh my gosh! But seriously. I have a goal for the next year or so to somehow become the owner of a DSLR camera & I think this is a great starter one! I'm currently saving up for it!

Nude Pumps
I love the Olympic & Trinitie nude pumps from Steve Madden!! But $80 & $100 is a lot for me. Target has a great pair right now for $30, but not at MY Target store. Should I order them offline? Can you return them to a store if they don't fit? Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe have some suede ones, but I want something I can wear in summer or winter & that's not suede. I needed a black pair of nice shoes I could wear with dresses & a nude pair of pumps. I bought these black shoes the other day, so now bring on the nude pumps!!

Speaking of shoes, I find it ridiculous that I don't have a pair of TOMS yet! Lewis does, but I don't. And they have ones for Isis now!!

How awesome would this be? I love to read & this way I could just carry it with me everywhere! Some books I'm wanting right now - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, One Day, Sacred Parenting (to read with Adriel at The Mommyhood Memos), 20 Times a Lady & The Me I Want to Be

Kings of Leon
I know it's crazy that I'm just now getting on the Kings of Leon bandwagon. What are your favorite KOL songs? Which older cds of their do you like?

I love Paramore. I love Hayley Williams. I have their old stuff. Now I want this one.

Carrie Underwood
She just really makes me smile! And I like every song of hers that's ever been on the radio.

New quilt or comforter for our bed
There are several I like. I have a dark red bedroom, so I like to have lighter accessories. I like this DwellStudio one from Target, but I'd also like just a plain white quilt like this one.

TV Shows on DVD
There are several shows that I collect. Some of these come out right around my birthday. Bones Season 5, The Vampire Diaries Season 1, Grey's Anatomy Season 6, One Tree Hill Season 7 (although I still need Season 6) & I've decided I need to start collecting The Big Bang Theory because it's one Lewis & I can watch over & over again!

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Lynn said...

I did one of these posts today too! I love that Dwell Studio comforter - I've been looking for something like this for my guest room for almost 2 years. I'll have to stop by Target and check it out. I hope you have a great birthday!

Lilac City Momma said...

Yay! My birthday is the 23rd! I have been saving for that same camera, woot!!

ruthy ann said...

happy early birthday! i totally want the same camera. and those pumps are hot!

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

what a great wish list! big bang theory - yes!! new camera - yes! new pumps - yes! i love those nude pumps! and you can get some at target for $30? dooo it! (you should be able to return in-store if they don't fit, no worries... i ordered some for my wedding online that i ended up returning. oh, and don't judge me for almost wearing shoes from target to married in.. i ended up wearing some awesome deep red pumps that i got at ross for $14.99. heh.) and now, to end the run-on comment... please send me your address in my email. birthday wishes must be sent properly. :)

Crystal said...

I still have 2 1/2 months until mine! I should make a wishlist, actually I need to for my hubby (he isn't very good about it when left to his own ideas- he gets things I don't feel are worth the cost- gift or not).
Although I also long for a better camera, so I can try my hand at 'real' photography (or better quality, and by the way, several of my photographer friends recommend Nikon over Canon), and with that I also want a really good software program for photoshop. And I also totally want a book reader, but I prefer the Nook, I believe it has color screen unlike the Kindle.
Well I hope you get some of the stuff you wish for ;) Happy birthday early!

Liz said...

I totally laughed that you linked to Charlotte Russe! Ha!

I'm not a modern decor girl, but I do think Target's Dwell line is pretty great.

Jhen.Stark said...

Yay for turning 26! Yay for new bedding (I have a slight bedding addiction and a little ADD)!!!

Sandra said...

Great way to...ahem..."hint" to your faithful, devoted followers what you need! bahahahaha! Wish I wasn't a starving student my darling because I would so get you the Steeve Madden pumps...right after I got a pair for myself..even though I would have nowhere,absolutely nowhere to wear them!
Also read your post below on breastfeeding...sigh...I loved breastfeeding. I miss it.

Amy said...

Oh, and I got the Nook instead of the Kindle. Oh wait! You were asking about that right? (I gotta look back at your email.) I went with the Nook because if there are problems you can take it back to a person at b&n instead of mailing it back into amazon. I'm really happy with it so far. I got the one that's compatible with Wi-Fi and 3G in case I'm ever somewhere you can't get Wi-Fi. You can get newspapers, magazines, and some library books on the Nook. My understanding of the Kindle is you can only get books offered on Amazon. I'm not totally clear on that but I believe that's the case. Anyway. Do a Google search comparing them. That's what I did. Good luck!

meghankharvey said...

My birthday is in October (I'll be 33!!!) And I am with you on that camera. I MUST HAVE IT. ;-)

Becca said...

I've been looking for nude pumps as well. I'll have to check out the Target version. I'm saving for a DSLR. It will be a while, but I'll get there. Happy Birthday Month!

~Lisa~ said...

I like your list. 26th bday, wow wish I were that age again hehe. Hope all your birthday wishes come true (=

C.McKane said...

Nice list. I was going to get my camera on Amazon (my last was a great deal off eBay) but I found mine on clearance at WalMart. So don't forget to shop around! :)

Jill said...

That camera is awesome, although it takes a little bit to figure it out (i.e. reading!). Nude pumps are a must!!

amy said...

oh great - now I need to add nude pumps to my wish list. gorgeous.

i hope you get at least a few of the items on your list. :)

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