Sunday, August 8, 2010

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Just a fun pic for you!
How incredibly wonderful were my guest bloggers this week?? I absolutely LOVE birth stories!! I think the experience of birth, no matter how you end up doing it, is such an empowering experience! You carried a baby for 9 months & then delivered it into this world! I mean, medication or not, hospital or home, vaginal or c-section, no matter what, you are a woman whose body made a baby!!! How incredible to be a part of that experience! Thank you SO much to the women who shared their stories this week!!

I hope that my preggo friends like Emily J, Emily H & Meredith in my personal life & Amy & Gretchen in my blog friend life got some great insight into the wonderful experience they're about to have!!

On another note, part of the purpose of my guest blogging week was so that I could write some posts to schedule for the fall so I don't get so overwhelmed! Yeah, I didn't do that. Instead, I worked a lot at the company I used to work for & spent some time with Isis! I'm starting to get really sad thinking about doing my student teaching & being away from her so much. I know it's important that I do this. I also know that I really want to be a teacher, so this is one more step in my journey toward that goal. So oh well!!! I have another guest blogging week at the end of August - new mom tips!!

Finally, I wanted to say that I've made a couple of decisions with my blog. I'm still doing the 31DBBB tasks, but after hearing from a few readers, I think that actually posting about the tasks is what has made some readers not so excited about my content lately. So I'm still going to be active on the forums on SITS, but won't be posting about my tasks anymore. I'm also going to try to only post once a day.

I've got some great stuff coming up this week including a guest post from Gretchen about some of her choices as a first time pregnant mom! I really relate to a lot of her perspectives & I'm excited for her to share with you! I also have another guest post coming up about baby sign language! Lewis & I were talking about this the other day, but had no idea how to start, so I was thrilled when Baby Sign Language contacted me about doing a guest post! Other than that, I still plan on following my editorial calendar I developed the other day, but without the 31DBBB posts! I'm also posting my 30 Days of Television on my Ingenue Perspective blog if you're interested in checking those out & adding your thoughts & picks!!

What have YOU been up to lately??

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~Lisa~ said...

Hey Cameron. That photo is just too precious! Birth stories are so unique to each person and I think woman are amazing individuals and gods gift. So exciting that you'll be getting back to working towards being a teacher! Go mama.

Carey said...

Just came across your blog -- love your little guy! He's so adorable!!

I'm also a big fan of birth stories. Now that I have actually gone through pregnancy and labor and delivery, I have a new found respect for women and the birthing process. It's so absolutely amazing!

Newest follower :)

"Twingle Gal" Stephanie said...

Popping in from Mama's Little Nestwork. Your blog design is wonderful and I look forward to reading more from you.

Mama Smors said...

love isis' picture! she is so precious :) it is hard to leave isis for student teaching but will be so worth it. she will be so proud of you, being able to juggle everything! excited about your sign language guest post coming up, we did some signing w ivy and loved it!

The Planet Pink said...

What have I been up to? Trying not to melt in the heat and not go crazy the last week of summer vacation!! When do you start school?

motherknowsless said...

Love this picture. What blue eyes!

Cameron said...

Planet Pink - my first day in the classroom is August 25, but I have orientation at my university on the 24th. So my first day away from Isis is the 24th. :-(

JoJo said...

I love anything maternity! Though I never had the experience yet, it always fascinated me and I hope to be a labor and delivery nurse soon!

P.S the picture of Isis is beautiful! Her eyes are so blue and pretty!!

The Urban Cowboy said...

I'd give ya a birth story...but I haven't been able to get pregnant yet. ;) Awesome photo.

Jhen.Stark said...

Precious Pic of Isis!!! Time with Isis is always better than planning a blog (although I personally admit that I have a blog addiction and need to learn to take some time ;0).

Looking forward to the guest post!

Liz said...

She's so sweet! I can see how that face pulls you in!

I didn't want to say anything before, but I know you had put up something about how visits had dropped a week into the challenge. I was thinking it was tied to posting about each day of the challenge.

Mama Hen said...

Hey Cameron! Where did you leave my message about teaching? I have looked on my two e-mails and could not see it. Can you send it again to or I would be happy to answer your questions and help you get ready for such a great time in your teaching career! Did you stop by the Nest yet to see our featured blogger? Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Jennifer said...

Hey girl! Love reading your stories about sweet Isis.

Blogging can be so interesting. I do it mainly so my family can see what I am up to, but I do always look at stats. I have often thought about doing some of these blogging challenges to gain more readers/commenters, but I worry that my blog will become more about statistics than my own life. And in the end, I care more about my posts being meaningful and real then getting better stats by posting a lot, linking to other things, etc.. All that being said, I have missed your posts about Isis and what is going on with your mommyhood. I think the challenges are interesting, but its almost like if you go overboard, you lose yourself in it all and what you really intend this blog to be about. So I am glad that you are going back to posting more about what is going on with YOU and not so much with gaining reader/commenters. Does that make sense? I hope that doesnt come off as offensive :) I just feel like if you focus so much on statistics, linking, etc.. then you can turn off people because they think that you blog to gain readers.

I have really enjoyed the guest blogging!!!

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

um, i think this is my new fave isis photo. LOVE!

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