Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trying to be Heard...31DBBB Day #3

Today's task had to do with promoting a blog post. We are supposed to promote our list post from yesterday. There are several examples of how to promote a post, but you don't necessarily want to use every single one for each post you want to promote. I chose to do just a few. Here are the ones I did:

I Stumbled my post.
I have my RSS feed set up to post on my Facebook & Twitter pages. I also tweeted it again last night with the #31DBBB hashtag.
I added a link to my post on past posts - this one & this one.
I also plan on writing another post about the first few weeks after pregnancy when I have my New Mom Tips week at the end of August. I'll link to this then as well.

What did you do to promote your post??

One thing I wanted to say is that the top suggestion for promoting your post is to ask other bloggers to link to it. I am such a nerd, but I'm scared to do that!!! Hilarious. I have no idea why. I'm not afraid to do most things when it comes to blogging, but for some reason I was nervous to do that. It's strange because pretty much anyone could ask me to link to one of their posts or their page & as long as I'm not offended by their post or something on their page, I'll do it. I love helping out other bloggers! I need to get over this weird fear...

2 of my favorite list posts from yesterday were A Practical Mom's Top 5 Things That Help Me Be a Practical Mom & Little Bit Quirky's 12 Most Common Symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome.
Please check them out!!

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kathryn said...

Hi Cameron,
I've been blogging for almost a year and I still haven't rustled up the courage to ask anyone to link to my posts even though I link to all kinds of interesting posts! So you're not alone girlfriend!

Good Luck with the 31 DBBB Challenge!


Steph S. said...

Don't ever be afraid to ask someone to promote your blog! :) Just go for it!

J. Is A Bird said...

I link to other blogs when it's natural to without them asking me. For instance I just did a post about traveling with children and linked to several blogs that I read on that subject.

My thought being that if someone else was writing about Los Angeles and was familiar with my blog they would link to me without my asking them to.

Maybe I'm being naive but I think we all know that we'd like to get linked back to without having to pointedly ask KWIM.

Amy said...

I'll link your blog up. I would love some new mom experience on my pregnancy blog. It might relate really well for me. I love your blog Cameron. Let's do this!

Cameron said...

Amy you are one of the only people I thought of who might want to link to that post because I knew you were pregnant! But you don't have email listed anywhere on your blog!! Yay I'm glad you saw this!

Gina said...

Cameron... You know what? I LOVE the title of this post. Something about it just stirs some emotion for me. Excellent! Great post really. You are doing great on the challenge.

Patrice said...

Oh my gosh I am definitely afraid to ask people to link to me! I really like don't even like tweeting my posts more once because I just feel weird about "tooting my own horn" so to speak! ha You are not the only one!

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