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Top 10 Pregnancy Tips...31DBBB

1. Drink tons of water.
This helps with so many things when you're pregnant. It's great for the baby, it helps alleviate a lot of the side effects of pregnancy. It keeps you from being dehydrated (which, during pregnancy, leads to headaches, nausea, cramps & dizziness). It can relieve some morning sickness, heartburn & indigestion. It helps prevent UTIs, which are common during pregnancy. It also helps ease constipation, hemorrhoids & swelling.

2. Have your man (or someone) rub your legs every night.
I swear by this one. Leg cramps are so common during pregnancy, possibly because of lactic acid buildup among other things. If you get your legs rubbed each night, it releases the lactic acid buildup & can help keep you from having leg cramps. Plus it feels great & helps to relax you! I only got 2 leg cramps through my entire pregnancy & they both happened in the middle of the night on nights when my husband didn't rub my legs.

3. Don't eat just to eat.
So many women say, "Oh I'm just gonna eat when I'm pregnant! It's the only time I can eat whatever I want & not worry about it!" And that's definitely true if you don't care if you gain 60 pounds. While eating a lot is not the only reason women gain a lot of weight during pregnancy - every woman's body is going to do something different - eating healthy & balanced meals will definitely give you a better chance of keeping things under control. It also provides the best nutrients for your baby. And you are eating for 2, but the second person in there doesn't weigh very much & only needs an extra 300 calories once you are 4 months pregnant. That's like a bag of chips (although chips wouldn't be very healthy).

4. Stay active.
This may look different for each woman. The more active you were before pregnancy, the more active you can be during pregnancy. If you weren't used to running a mile a day before, no need to start now. Just stay as active as you can & obviously talk to your doctor. They'll tell you what's best for your body & baby.

5. Buy cute maternity clothes.
With stores like Forever 21 offering maternity clothes now, it's easy to buy them cheap & cute. Don't care about cheap, check out A Pea in the Pod! In my opinion, you're going to feel huge at some point during this thing - better to have some cute clothes to make you feel a little better!

6. Know who you can talk to.
Who is going to give you great advice or listen to you whine about feeling awful or huge or answer your ridiculous questions about whether or not your baby will come out with 2 heads? Just know who you can trust & who will make you feel calm & confident & not make you more stressed. Also, make sure you choose a doctor who makes you comfortable. Choosing someone who isn't going to make you feel comfortable during the labor & delivery experience will automatically put you at a disadvantage.

7. Wash your hands.
Keep away the germs - try not to get sick! I was 6 months pregnant & doing a practicum during flu season in a Kindergarten classroom. I washed my hands all the time & I didn't get sick! There's not much you can take if you do get sick, so I recommend avoiding it. I got bad allergies & it was annoyingly awful because I couldn't take much at all.

8. Study up on labor techniques.
No matter how you plan on doing things during labor & delivery, you never know what will happen. Even if you want an epidural ASAP, your version of ASAP & the anesthesiologist's version of ASAP may be 2 different things. I also have 2 friends for whom the epidural only worked on one side of their body & 1 friend who had to wait for the anesthesiologist to get done with 2 other women before coming to them. So no matter what, it's good to have some labor techniques in mind just in case & to get you through until you get the medication! Or in my case, to get you through the whole labor & delivery.

9. Take naps if you can.
This isn't possible for everyone because of work or already having kids around the house or any multitude of other reasons, but if possible for yourself, take naps. They rejuvenate you & give you much needed rest! If there's any time in your life when your body is working overtime & you're going to need some sleep, it's during pregnancy!

10. Eat breakfast.
I found that the days I didn't eat breakfast, I got really light-headed really early. This was true at any time of day. I had to go from 3 regular meals a day to about 5 small meals. If I got too hungry, I got really dizzy & light-headed. Your body is working so hard, it needs that energy! So if you aren't a breakfast eater - which I wasn't before pregnancy - become one now.

What are your pregnancy tips?

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Amy said...

These are great Cameron! Love them! I'm 25.5 weeks with my first baby and these are all true! I would add to the nap thing to get at LEAST 8-9 hours of sleep a night. It has made my pregnant world so much better to be well rested. I just have to get off the computer and make myself got to bed early.

I hope you're liking the #31DBBB challenge. I am! My list is about baby names. How did you ever come up with the perfect name? Check it out. http://somebodysparents.blogspot.com/2010/07/top-5-baby-name-blocks-july-20-2010.html

Meagan said...

Great tips! I especially agree with studying up on labor techniques. The more education, the better. Don't be passive, but be an active participant in bringing your little one into the world and your chances of a good outcome will increase exponentially. Take a look at my site www.Unexpectant.com to read birth stories and find ways to better educate yourself. Good luck!!

Liz said...

You are right on with your comment about not knowing how labor and delivery will play out, so be prepared for it ALL! I actually wrote about Maddie's L&D today because her birthday is Thursday.

Melissa (Confessions of a Dr. Mom) said...

These are great tips, especially listing water as number one! It is really sooo important to stay hydrated and you usually need a lot more than you'd think.

becca said...

great list! we are trying to conceive, so i'm taking in as much helpful info as possible. thanks for sharing.

Asashia said...

Got one to add! Use the internet to research what baby gear you need and where to find it at a discounted rate. I got a lot of maternity and children't clothes from Craigslist and Ebay!

vanita said...

Cameron! Great post! Eating healthy is very very important. Foods high in carbs and sugar can cause you to develop gestational diabetes, even without a history of diabetes in your family tree. You can still eat as much as you want, just be sure to eat healthy foods.

Heather said...

This is a great post. I had leg cramps with both of my pregnancies and it really helped when hubby would rub my legs.

Jill said...


Read only positive info and avoid everything else. No Baby Story lol!

Summers In Love said...

I'm pretty sure your readers would have very healthy babies indeed! Pregnancy is a crucial time for everyone.
by the way, I'm your newest follower! Come by my recipe and review blog here at Sassy Chef. Keep in touch!

Mommycrat said...

Totally agree on number 3 - I watched what I ate while pregnant so I didn't put on unnecessary weight (though I did indulge a few times...)

Also - while I agree you want to look cute while pregnant and clothes help - I discovered consignment stores for second hand maternity clothes - so helpful, especially given that you are only really going to be wearing maternity wear for about five months max and suddenly need a whole new wardrobe (including office wear in my case). I saved tons of money and really, second hand is hardly worn half the time with maternity clothes, so you can find stuff in really good shape.

And lastly, I gave you an award on my blog - you can check it out here: http://mommycrat.blogspot.com/2010/07/more-bloggy-love-blog-awards.html. Really enjoying your blog and community.

Cate said...

This is great! Awesome tips - right on. The only thing I can think to add is to make sure you pick out a nice piece of jewelry for hubs to present to you upon the arrival of your little bundle of joy... :)

Cameron said...

I love all the stuff you all have added!! Great tips for pregnant moms!!

JoJo said...

Great advice! This is basically everything I have to teach my patients.

Another good one is to avoid eating before bed to decrease heart burn. One of the many discomforts of pregnancy for many.

Dalia (Generation X Mom) said...

All great tips. Pregnancy clothes have come a long way! When I had my son (13 years ago)it was basically one overpriced maternity store (that sold old mom clothes) or Kmart. When I had my daughter (5 years ago) I totally took advantage of the more fashionable clothes out there. However, remember not to over spend on maternity clothes. Not worth it!

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