Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Third CSA Share!

Today's share box is my favorite so far!! It has tomatoes, lemon cucumber, pickling cucumber, slicing cucumber, sweet corn, roma green beans, yellow wax beans, green peppers, banana peppers, eggplant, tarragon & sweet basil!! Here are the meals I have in mind:

Pizza with black olives, green peppers & banana peppers
Eggplant parmesan with green beans
Quick Pickles (this is more of a snack)
BBQ ribs with green beans & corn
Chicken & peppers teriyaki stir fry

And here are a couple of highlights from last week's share box meals:

Lemon basil & red pepper chicken w/ broccoli, cucumbers & garlic bread
Steak (from the farm) w/ grilled parsley potatoes & garlic bread

(We love garlic bread.)
We also discovered this week that Isis loves cucumber!! I held a piece & let her chew on it for a little while when we were cooking one night & she loved it so much that we stuck it in the Beaba Babycook & made her some cucumbers to eat!!

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The Urban Cowboy said...

The steak, potatoes, and garlic bread look yummy! I have always loved cucumbers, they are one of my favorites.

emily @ the happy home said...

did you get flowers in your box too? your bounty is so pretty! i love the visual of a little girl just nomming on some cucumbers, and her eyes just saying, "i have no idea what this is...but i kind of like it!"

Cameron said...

The steak & potatoes were so yummy!!!

And yes they always give us some sunflowers from the farm too! It just makes it that much more cheerful in my kitchen on CSA share day!!

Mommyfriend Lori said...

Looks amazing, so loving this idea. Isis loves cucumber, so cute! My boys loathe veggies, even the innocent ones like cucumbers!

~Lisa~ said...

Awesome Cameron. Its amazing what kids will eat if you present it to them. Your CSA is looking like a good thing for you (=

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