Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Setting Up Google Alerts...31DBBB Day #10

I can't believe I'm 1/3 of the way through the 31DBBB challenge! I'm having a blast & really learning a lot as I go! Today's task involved setting up Alerts to monitor what's happening in your niche online! I already had Google Alerts set up for several things like babywise, sleep training, sleeping through the night & natural labor. I set up new ones for Ingenue Mom, ingenuemom, baby recalls, cloth diapers, GroVia & mom blogs. I have all my alerts going to my Google Reader as a feed! That's the easiest way for me to keep up with them.

As for Twitter, I used Twitter Search to set up RSS feeds for several words or phrases including mom blog, cloth diapers & GroVia. I already use HootSuite & I've set up a keyword search on my dashboard so that I always get the 31DBBB tweets. I find that really helpful! 

My experience so far with the Google Alerts hasn't been that great, mainly because I set it up as email alerts & I got annoyed by the emails. I had no idea that all of this could be set up as a feed! You all know I love my Google Reader!!!

What alerts did you set up?
I couldn't think of a lot of good ones for my mom blog, so I feel like there are some that I missed. I would love some great tips for mom blog alerts!!

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Michelle Nist said...

Hi! Your post was really helpful! What is "Hootsuite"? I looked at it, but am not sure how it helps. Your blog looks great. I am eager to learn more!

Jamee said...

I never thought of setting up my alerts to go to my google reader! I will have to try that!

Erin said...

Is there anything that Google doesn't offer!? ;] I've been using google alerts for awhile and get the "once daily" email, but sending it to my reader is a great idea! Will have to switch over to that!

Lynda said...

I have Google Alerts set up to look out for my blog or flickr link - it'll email me once a day if it finds that.

I also have a lot of niche alerts set up to follow trends. Those I set up for RSS feed and added them into my feed reader.

Even though I love stats and reports and things like that, today's task was probably my least favorite so far!

The Planet Pink said...

I had no idea you could do this! Wow. So, how do you set it up? Do you go through Google Reader? Help a clueless girl out!

Busy Working Mama said...

I just discovered google reader like 2 weeks ago. I ADORE it! I used to read blogs through my dashboard which stinks! I'll have to investigate setting up alerts.

Asashia said...

Uggghhh! I'll be so glad when my power returns so that I can one, get my 31DBBB paperwork and two, get back in the swing of things! I feel so behind! But thanks for sharing this so I know what to do when I get back on board!

MultipleMum said...

I set up alerts for cloth nappies, twins, frugal living. I got absolutely inundated (mainly with irrelevant, seemingly random stuff!) I had to disconnect! I think I will have to narrow my alerts when I do it again.

Cameron said...

The Planet Pink - you set it up through Google Alerts -

When you're setting it up, there's a box that says "Deliver to..." and you can enter your email or choose "Feed" - that's how I got it to my Google Reader!

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