Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Second CSA Share!

This week's CSA share box had tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, pickling & slicing cucumbers, swiss chard, potatoes, cinnamon basil, lemon basil, spicy globe basil, curly & flat parsley & lemon balm. We also got another dozen eggs. Here are my meal plans for this week, although I'm not sure yet which day we will eat each meal...

Tomato pasta with the tomatoes & spicy globe basil
Steak w/ steamed swiss chard cooked w/ onion, garlic & butter & also some potatoes w/ parsley
Chicken w/ cinnamon basil, garlic green beans & some cucumber
Chicken w/ lemon basil, steamed broccoli & cucumber
Salad w/ chicken, sliced cucumber & lemon basil w/ a vinaigrette dressing
Pizza w/ black olives
Beet salad w/ the beets & cabbage left from last week
Eggs w/ turkey bacon

Has anybody cooked with swiss chard before? 
How do you cook it?

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Asashia said...

yummy! I've found that planning out meals truly helps with grocery shopping and keeping everyone's belly happy.

janine said...

Hey Cameron,
Cooking swiss chard is just like cooking any other leafy green vegetable (spinach, collard greens, etc.) Here's a blog post I found with some easy step-by-step instructions

Cameron said...

Asashia - I have definitely found that it helps with the grocery shopping! We have saved quite a bit already!!

Janine - thanks so much for that link!! I've been kinda clueless about what to do with that, but I don't want anything to go to waste!

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