Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Niche...31DBBB Day #7

Today's task for the 31DBBB challenge is to write a link post. The idea is to share useful information with your readers & also to build relationship with other bloggers. I've decided to chose a few of my friend's blogs & share with you one of my favorites of their recent posts. These are all bloggers in my niche, so they're all related to being a mom! Even if you aren't a mom, though, I've tried to find things that would be interesting to anyone! Please check out these lovely ladies!!

The Mommyhood Memos
I Gots Me Some Mama Badges - The Mommyhood Memos
Adriel always shares great insights & things she's learning in her journey as a new mom! Her son, Levi, is just about a month younger than Isis & I love following their story because I feel like we are in very similar places in life - even though we aren't in very similar places geographically - she lives in Australia!! I have also really loved talking to Adriel through email about blogging ideas & tips. I really consider her a real-life friend!!

header 125x125
Parade of Cakes - A Belle, A Bean & A Chicago Dog
Liz shares all kinds of things from her life raising her 2 kids! This post is of birthday cakes her husband has made for her kid's birthday parties!! I love how fun their family seems to be & how easily I can read her posts! I have also found Liz to be so helpful with questions I've had from time to time!

I love it that Jill share slots of fun beauty & fashion tips, tricks & ideas as well as great lists like this that I can use when I go to New York again!! I'm trying to plan a trip for next summer! Maybe I could visit Jill when I'm there! She helps me figure out how to stay fabulous in the midst of motherhood.

Pink Grapefruit Tart Frozen Yogurt - Korean American Mommy
Lisa makes the most beautiful looking food! I'm almost intimidated by how wonderful her foods look! I have several of her recipes tagged in my bookmarks so I can try to make them later! She shares lots of pictures of her son with the foods, too, so you can tell she's making yummy kid-friendly meals!

Top 5 Name Blocks - Somebody's Parents
Amy is currently pregnant - less than 100 days left to go!! I love following her experience as she gets closer & closer to her due date! I am so excited to "meet" her new little girl! She shared some of the issues they're running into when picking their baby name! I definitely have been there!

Ode to Childhood - The Planet Pink
There are several things I identify with on Queenie's blog. She is a natural childbirth-er like me & is currently pursuing her childbirth educator certification. She has 4 beautiful little princesses, which I love hearing about! I have a slight feeling that me & Lewis are destined to have all girls - which he would be totally fine with, I'm a little more nervous - but it's so fun to follow along with Queenie & her family! She reminded me this week of how much I used to love American Girl Dolls!!!

I also wanted to say that I do a link post every Friday called "A Little Weekend Reading..." I love sharing the great posts I've enjoyed reading throughout each week! If you want to subscribe to my Google Reader shared items, you can see a few more of my favorite posts each week!

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Amy said...

Cameron, you are such a dear! Thanks for featuring me! I promise to more than return the favor tonight with my post. I have this pesky job where I have to work annoying hours in the middle of a perfectly good, albeit perfectly hot weekend. We'll chat soon!

Jill said...

Thank you darling!!!! And yes, you must let me know when you visit!

I have also left you an award on my blog :)

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

not sure how i missed this other than there are a bajillion new blogs in my reader thanks to 31dbbb and i've still not had the time to organize into folders. (this weekend i hope?) i look at your blog everyday so don't know how this little ditty escaped me, BUT anyway... Thanks so much!!! you're the best and, yes, definitely real friends now. thanks for making that public. ;) someday we must meet up in person with our awesome husbands and worlds-cutest-babies!!! (i vote for that trip to australia!) and seriously, how good does the korean american mommy make food look with her amazing photography??? she makes me want to cook (no small feat) and her boy is gorgeous!

The Planet Pink said...

Thanks for the shout out!! I hope my blog makes the thought of having 4 princesses seem a little less terrifying! Although, I have to say some days I'm a bit terrified myself! LOL

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